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Trick or Treat Box

Category: Boxes


Item - Openable Box

Trick or Treat!

The Trick or Treat box is very similiar to the Mystery Wheel box, however, this random box has vastly different odds! It has a 50% chance to not award any prizes, however, there is an equal chance to win almost all items in the game if a prize is drawn!

How it works:
- This box is awarded by participating annual Halloween events.
- Your result will be randomly awarded when you open the box.
- Caution! There is a 50% chance to not win anything!

Price: N/A

How to use this item:

1. Go to your inventory and find this box under boxes.

2.  Select Open Box and click OPEN.

3. A random reward will be awarded (or nothing!).

Loot Table:

Common Reward Table - 20%

Uncommon Reward Table 10%

Rare Reward Table 6%

Legendary Reward Table 5%

1 x Rare Beanling MYO 1%

1 x Rare Flowerling MYO 1%

1 x Legendary Beanling MYO 1%

1 x Legendary Flowerling MYO 1%

1 x Common Flowerling MYO 1%

1 x Uncommon Flowerling MYO 1%

2 x Event Currency 3%

Nothing! 50%




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