Relaxation Vacation

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Bruce rolled up on a cute little home with an even cuter garden. It was full of crystals and shells glittering in the sand around the colorful succulents. The cactus and Palo Verde trees had long since bloomed leaving their roots covered in a little blanket of petals. 


The bean had barely poked his head over the fence when "Hey! Shark boy, what do you think you're doing there?"


"Lookin for ya sister!" Bruce shot back but from the other side of the fence. He knew Powder's uncle was someone you didn't mess with nor were his kids. "Make yourself useful and grab her for me!"


"We know about what happened at the beach." The white bean folded his arms as he flicked the black bangs out of his eyes. 


"Yeah, and that won't happen again." Bruce gripped the wooden stakes in front of him so hard they squeaked against their nails. "If you have a problem, Tauri, you can come- Powder?!”  


A nearly all-white flowerling poked her head out the side door at the commotion going on in her garden. “Is everything alright out here boys?”


“H-hey, Miss, Prism, is Powder around?”  The shark bean bit his cheek as flew out among the succulents and colorful glass shapes. The sunlight made everything sparkle like stars in the daylit desert; especially the gems in the flowerlings dream catcher wings.


“I’m sorry dear, she’s off with Dawn visiting their wisher right now.”


“Was that today?” Bruce was more upset that he never really listens right the first time than missing out on a day with his friend. “They were doing something down at the pier today, bummer!”


Prism couldn’t just watch as the young bean’s tail started to sag, “Why don’t you win her a prize to Surf-prize her when she gets back?”


“Yeah! Yeah, I should do that!” Bruce perked up at the idea so fast he could hardly contain his sharp-toothed grin. “I bet they updated the prize pool too. Thanks, Miss Prism, I’ll be back later!”


The boardwalk wasn’t nearly as crowded during these hot hours as it is during the earlier or later times. Not many of the rides were in use nor were some of the attendants at their carnie stands. The lines for most things were shorter so it made up for the mild discomfort. It felt quiet and lonely getting food or game tokens by himself; getting a high score, and having no one to share it with.


“Little dude, where’s your little friend?” A voice sounded behind the bean as a basketball soared into the net.


“Hey, wait your turn, Cecil.” Baring his teeth, the bean threw in hitting the rim hard, and sent the ball flying. “I had four more shots!”


“Got it!” The mantis shrimp of a flowerling raced after cheered when he caught it. “Yoo, I’ll pay lil man. Let’s go a few around!”


Bruce sighed as he accepted the flowerlings company with little choice on the matter. That laid-back personality of his was so much different than his old friends and it was nice to have someone to talk to. “Hey, whose that comin up the walk?” He asked when the lifeguard wasn’t the only one who appeared between the stands.


Her long blue hair was like ocean waves trailing behind her as she raced after the truant flowering. Her golden dragonfly wings and flower shimmered in the sunlight in such a way, the bean barely heard her exasperated call. “Cecil! You promised!” 


The rainbow shrimp hid the ball behind his back as he blanched at the whine. “Bummer, Bell found me lil dud.” 


Bruce tilted his head at the sirens wailing her lament at having to watch the beach by herself. “Bell? Why haven’t I seen her around before?”


“Prob cause you’re always off in that little cove of yours.”

Relaxation Vacation
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642 Words Bruce tries to stay out of trouble

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