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Please note: For the purpose of this FAQ, "beanlings" is being used as a catch-all term applying to beanlings, blightlings, flowerlings, and witherlings, unless otherwise stated!

Can beanlings wear clothes/accessories? 

Yes! They can wear whatever you like!


Can beanlings interact with my other OCS/CS/etc?

Yes! In fact, this is highly encouraged! Beanlings are a companion species, created by a sentient being making a wish. Beanlings tend to stay by those who made them when not in Prism Vale.


Can other creatures see beanlings?

Yes, if a beanling allows it! Anyone can see them if a beanling decides to let them, although they can also choose to be invisible.  Most beanlings have a natural instinct to hide if they sense danger, either by becoming invisible or by appearing to be flowers through staying very still or through magic!


Can beanlings speak?

Yes! Beanlings can speak and have their own language, they can also understand and speak the language of the person that made them. However, to anyone that isn’t beanling-sized, their voices sound very high pitched and squeaky, even if they otherwise have a very deep voice to other beanlings!


How big is a beanling/flowerling?

 Beanlings are small creatures! A beanling's body from top of head to bottom of their body  is about the size of your pinky finger (3 inches / 7.6 cm). A flowerling is double that size, and about the size of your hand (6.8 inches / 17.2 cm). Blightlings are usually close to the same sizes as beanlings, and witherlings are usually around the same as flowerlings.These measurements don't include things like their tag lengths or long tails, though!  Generally the longest tags are no longer than 2 hand lengths, and the shortest tags can be very small, so long as they can fit some magical script on them!


Do beanlings have genders?

It depends on the beanling! While beanlings physically are naturally unisex, they are able to present as whatever gender they feel suits them best! 


Is hair optional? 

Yes, hair is optional. As a beanling or blightling, they can have little peach fuzz, short styles, or small tufts of hair. As a general rule of thumb, it's unusual to see a beanling with hair that goes down past their chin! As a flowerling or witherling, their hair can grow to no end, and the style and length of it is something that flowerlings can change at will!


Can I co-own a beanling?

No, sorry! Not officially. It can get confusing who owns which beanling, and if there are any disagreements about ownership things can get messy. Regarding anything in relation to the Beanling Patch site, the owner of a beanling that is listed on the masterlist is who will have true ownership of that beanling. If you want to work with a beanling you don't own, just make sure it's alright with the owner and you can build stories together!


Can beanlings breed? 

Rarely! Since beanlings are a unisex species, they don't have the physical option to breed conventionally.
However, there is a way for two grown flowerlings or witherlings to create their own offspring!  This happens via the Sprouting event, which you can read more about here! The sprouting event happens annually, and beanlings born in this way share traits from both of their parents.
More accessible, year-round options for sproutlings to be born are in the works as well, so stay tuned if that's something you'd be interested in!


I'd like to support Beanling-Patch, what are my options?

First, thank you so much for considering supporting the site! Secondly, there are a few options:
- Become a patron with Patreon! By subscribing to Ceru's patreon, you can receive Gold to spend at the Gold Shop every month, gain access to exclusive previews,  claim patreon pre-claim adoptables (sometimes at discounts!) and more! This patreon's earnings directly contribute to server and website costs, so this is the best way to help the site as a whole.
- Adopting beanlings and other species from the site helps to support the artists who create them!
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I have a new question!

We'd love to hear it! Submit new questions to us on the Discord, or send in an email to beanlingpatch@gmail.com Event Currency (Item)