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General Submissions

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We are happy to announce that prompts here in the Beanling Patch are changing to be way more casual and accessible! We are introducing General Submissions, a type of prompt that will always be open, has no submission limit, and is open to collaboration. Your rewards will increase with the effort you and your potential collaborators put in to your pieces! We will, of course, continue to accept art and writing, but we are also now including crafts and have more suitable rewards for animation and comics. Here is the guide to explain what sort of rewards you will receive for General Submission prompts:

I am sure you have all noticed a lull in story happening and monthly prompts- that has come to pass due several reasons, one of which being that we are working on restructuring the type of rewards you can receive from these types of prompts to be unique and exclusive. The other reason has, frankly, been staff burnout and other irl issues, so please bear with us while we get those sorted out. If all goes to plan, you should see the return of monthly prompts in the new year. Thank you all, we look forward to seeing your doodles, your masterpieces, and everything in between!

Sprouting, Blightstones, and MYOs!

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Hey all! Hope you’re all having wonderful days! Lots to cover, so let’s get started!

Firstly, Sprouting Updates!

Sprouting Sign-Ups are going to be extended by two weeks, with the new sign-up end date being July 14th! Make sure you get your pairs submitted by then! You can do so here: Sprouting 2023

Along with this, we’d like to announce that Sprouting-relevant items have made their way to the Shops! 

Sweet Chocolates, which can add a 20% chance for each offspring to inherit 1 additional randomized mutation, have returned to both the Specialty Shop and the Event Shop!

A new item, the Sweet N Sour Gummy has also been added to both shops!

The Sprouting Chance tables will be updated as soon as possible to reflect the addition of the new candy, but to explain it for now:

The Sweet N Sour Gummy has an effect of making it so that any sprouts in a batch from a same-species pair (Flowerling-Flowerling, or Witherling-Witherling) can have a 35% chance of being born as the opposite species! For a flowerling pair, that means a 35% chance of a blightling; For Witherlings, 35% chance of beanling! 

This new candy’s effect can stack, but is limited to one each per parent! Both parents using either candy will increase the chances to being 50/50 for each species, as well as guarantee that *at least one* of each species will be present in the batch. Once confirmed, these percentages can’t be changed. So please, discuss things with your partner and choose wisely!

Speaking of Witherlings…

Those Mysterious Stones that were found all around the Vale last year have now been named Blight Stones! You can find out more about their uses here: What is a Blight Stone?

Along with that, there have been multiple Site Updates:

-All MYO Tokens on the site have gotten updated images, resized and recolored to be easier to differentiate!

-Blightling and Witherling MYO Tokens are now on-site!

-Blightling and Witherling MYO Tokens are now craftable on-site!

-The two Familiar masterlists have been combined into one; All Familiars are now “FAM” labeled, and their traits will hold their ranking.

-The Sprouting Lore page has been updated! 

-The FAQ page has been updated!

-The Growth Guide page has been updated!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, or see anything that seems off, please let me or Ceru know! ♥


Sprouting and Site Maintenance

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We are happy to anounce that Sprouting sign ups are now open! if you'd like to sign up or learn more about the event, please check the sales tab! In ohter news, we will be closing the website down for maintenance on June 18, this coming Sunday. It will hopefully be down for no more than 12 hours, starting at around 6 am EST. We are moving server hosts as our current host is no longer supporting the version of PHP we utilize to the extent they used to, and are charging more for the lesser service. 
Thanks for your patience, and I look forward to seeing all the cute little sprouting pairs,


June Updates- Sprouting, Traits, and More!

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Hey all! Hope you're all having a great day!

We know things are a bit slow going around here, but we're getting moving along again this June! Got a few announcements regarding things around here today! 

First off, [Delayed] Sprouting is coming up! With that in mind, I'm opening up Guest Artist applications for Sprouting! 

If you're interested in signing up, you can get more info and sign up HERE! Guest artist sign-ups will be open until June 15th!

The event will be a little different this year in how it's handled. Sprouting sign-ups will be opening June 16th, and be open until June 30th. Guest artists will be helping this time around, and batches will begin being posted July 1st and will continue to be posted throughout the month on assigned dates that will be determined once we know how much we're working with! Full info will be available when pairing sign-ups happen. 

Secondly, if you've looked around the site recently, you might have noticed some changes in the way traits are labeled! This has been done to help tidy up the way that traits have been classified now that we have the Blightlings and Witherlings around as well! 

Many classifications of Traits have been changed: 

  • "Dew Type" traits and "Corruption Type" traits have been combined and reclassified as "Essence Type"
  • Likewise, "Mutations-Dew" and "Mutations-Corruption" have been combined and reclassified as "Mutations- Essence"
  • "Tail" traits referring to a Beanling's wish tags or a Blightling's curse tags have been reclassified as "Tag" traits. This includes "Mutations- Tail" becoming "Mutations- Tag" and "Tail Length" becoming "Tag Length".
  • "Flower Type" has been reclassified to "Bloom Type"
  • "Mutations- Flower" has been reclassified to "Mutations- Bloom"

A few traits were added or changed: 

  • "Opaque" Common Essence trait added; This is the default trait for a Blightling's Corruption, opposite the Clear Dew trait. This trait means that the blightling's corruption isn't transparent!
  • "Cracked Core" Rare Core Mutation trait added; this is for Blightlings or Witherlings who show visible damage to their core window, making it look as though it's been cracked!
  • "Dessicated" Common Bloom trait has been changed to be a Bloom Mutation instead. This will mean that you can have any type of Bloom on your Witherlings, but withering away on them in whatever style seems best!
  • "Animal Tail" Rare Tag Mutation has been reclassified as a Body Mutation trait instead. 

In the coming weeks we'll be working on updating the trait info on site, including example images and updated descriptions as well. 

Finally, I'll be posting updates periodically of on-site changes (such as those listed above). So that we're not pinging everyone every time for various announcements, there are now three new roles that you can request on the mod-ticket channel of the Discord server! These are:

  • Adopts (Wish to be pinged when a new design is posted for auction/sale/raffle/etc)
  • Site Updates (Wish to be pinged when there are updates to the Beanling-Patch website)
  • News (Wish to be pinged for event announcements, or any general updates for the species that are posted here.) 

Feel free to request as many- or all!- of these roles. Of course, if there are any vital announcements for the group or the server, we'll still ping everyone. But for the general happenings, we hope this will mean less @everyone's in the future. If you haven't joined the server yet, you can join us HERE!

That's all for now! As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments! 

Halloween Happenings

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Halloween is coming, and it looks like it's brought a lot activities and events with it! This hub is where you'll find links and information for everything that's going on!


Blightlings have arrived!

What Is A Blightling


The new sister-species of the Beanlings, these fey creatures are finally out in the open and up to something. If you'd like to take your guesses as to what they could be after, or you'd like to catch up on what's been happening in Prism Vale that's led up to this, you can ready through the story so far here!


To celebrate their official arrival, we've put together and advent of adopts and events!

Halloween Calendar


Free Events


Secret-Santa Style Beanling Exchange Oct 15-21 Thanks to the generosity of our long-time member Yukki/Ravenmaster45" href="">Ravenmaster45, we will be holding a free beanling exchange! Users will design rare beanlings for one another without knowing who is designing for them! Please be kind and courteous to Yukki and make sure to look at the dates before entering the exchange. Bean Exchange sign-up form.




Make-Your-Own Blightling! Oct 15-Nov 15


Lets welcome the Blightlings into the Beanling Patch by making one of your own!

MYO Post




Create to Adopt!


Makes something and get a chance to adopt a cute little costumed bean!

CTA Post




Blightling Trait Competition


When you look at the Blightling mutation sheet, do you see something missing? If you do, your mutation could become an official one! Once this prompt closes, all summited mutations will go up for a community vote. The winner's mutation will be made a rare mutation, and will receive a rare Blightling MYO!



2 beans for participation

Third place: Rare mutation potion

Second place: Rare and Legendary mutation potion

First Place: Rare and legendary mutation potion, rare Blighling MYO.


To enter, submit the prompt on the Beanling Patch website!

(to find, go to Activities-> Prompts)




Monthly Prompt: Harrowing Halloween


It seems like one bad thing has followed another in Prism Vale over the past few months, and it doesn't seem to be letting up during this season of spooks and frights. Now that the identity of the mysterious figure has been revealed, Queen Valerie has given Sir Serillion orders to assemble the defenders at the Giant Canyon and confront this 'King of the Blightlings' once and for all. Is your Beanling joining the forces at the canyon or supporting them from the sidelines? Are they staying back on the other islands taking care of little ones and trying to preserve the more fun spirit of the season? Is your Blightling being born into the middle of this mess?


This Month's prompt will reward Mysterious Stones as well as the usual rewards. To enter, submit the prompt on the Beanling Patch website!

(to find, go to Activities-> Prompts)


Mysterious Stones


No one seems to know what these mysterious stones are made of yet- thus the name 'mysterious'. What Landry and his fellow scientists have been able to determine is that the stones love to absorb dew. It seems that if a Beanling holds one for too long they start to change . . .


Converting Beanlings


Beanlings will soon be able to convert in to Blightlings via exposure to Mysterious Stones. This change is permanent, so be careful if you choose to convert your Beanling. You are welcome to say that your converted Beanling was always a Blightling for their lore if you desire, but their masterlist number unfortunately must remain as it is.


Creating Blightlings


Blightlings can now be created by attaching a mysterious stone to your Beanling and Flowerling MYOs! The level of mutation and stage of growth will still apply. So, if you are using an Uncommon Beanling MYO with a Mysterious Stone, you may create an Uncommon Blightling. Universal Traits and Mutations


Beanlings and Blightlings have a few traits and mutations that you may use in both species. All others are currently exclusive. Here is the list of common traits and mutations:


Wing traits:

No wings

Elemental wings



Body Mutations:








Gem growths

Elongated bod

Floral growths

Halo (only grown forms)

Whiskers (only grown forms)

Skirt (only grown forms)

Veil (only grown forms)

Tail Mutations:

Animal tail

Decorated tail

Colored tail

Two-tone writing




Bud (only grown forms)

Pollen and Multi-Pollen (only grown forms) All Flowerling Flower types (only grown forms)

A Note to the Community from Ceru


Hi yall! I'd like to start this out by saying that these last six months have been a real rollercoaster. I went from planning Starfall to planning a sister species to suddenly having the group handed over to me. I think it's safe to say that none of us saw the transfer of the group coming- not even me!

That said, I want to thank you guys for hanging with the group as we transitioned everything over! There was a lot going on behind the scenes with the website and discord, and I'm sure you guys felt the delays and changes as we got everything sorted out! You all have been very patient and supportive, and I cannot overstate how thankful I am for that!

I'd also like to give a huge thank you to our expanded 'staff' that have been working their butts off behind the scenes! My SO, Tenne, has been the one to get the website transferred and has been chipping away behind the scenes at getting features that haven't worked since installation in proper order.

My main mod, Spottednova (Sugar) has been absolutely invaluable in their own right! You can thank them for everything coming out in a timely manner, for a lot of the corrections in information across the site, for the coloring of assets and comics, and for keeping me sane. I'd also like to thank all of our guest artists and discord game mods for stepping up and helping to make the group a more colorful and active place!

Finally, I'd like to thank you all for continuing to make our little community an open and welcoming safe space. Over the past four years, I've gotten to know some of you all very well, and others in passing, and I haven't regretted a moment of it. As we launch this subspecies, and as I look at the year of plans we have coming, I can't help but hope that you all enjoy it to the fullest. It's maybe a bit sappy to say, but Beans have brought us all together, and I hope we can continue to have fun with them as a community! To anyone who made it this far and is new to the group, I hope you'll join us and enjoy what we've all made! Thank you all so very much-

Ceru Blues


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It seems like the surging dew levels have resurrected Pumpkin-Sama and his handsome pumpkin posse! Please do your best to find him and his minions around the site!

In other news, it seems some . . . Wait, those aren't beans, are they? Hmm . . . Well, whatever they are, they're looking for new homes!
Their auction is being run on Deviantart.

Story Update

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Story and September Events!

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by Ceru

The Story so far

Many of the strange stones that were gathered have cracked open and seem to have released the dew magic they had been sucking up! The lake on Versi is flooding, Soleil is covered in dew, and islands all over the vale are overflowing! It seems that this excess dew is making everything grow at an uncontrollable rate! Local plantlife has been affected, with some of it growing sentient and malicious! It also seems to be affecting some beans, causing them to grow flowers, leaves, and vines all over their bodies, dragging them down. 
However, it also seems to be having other affects on beanlings! The flood of dew is causing beans to be born with some unusual dew.

Any bean made this month is allowed to use these traits for free, and you can add three to your existing beanlings! Beanlings who are created this month will also receive a special status that will give them access to interesting abilities and potentially traits later.  Traits must be applied by September 30, 2022.

Unrelated to the story, with the help of our game mod Revpup, we have gone through the masterlist and found the most used legendary traits and have made them rare traits! We are currently working through to replace these legendary traits with the rare version, and are leaving a free placeholder legendary trait in it's place that you may use to apply a new legendary trait to your beanling. Here is the list of new rare traits:
Wing traits:
No Wings
Elemental Wings
Body Traits:
Gem Growths
Elongated Body
Floral growths
Tail Traits:
Animal Tail
Decorated Wish

In yet more unrelated news, I (Ceru) am going to be away from my pc more than usual due to irl circumstances, and will be slower to respond! Please feel free to at me in the discord or leave a claim here on site if you need my hlep with anything! I am always more than happy to chat and answer questions. 

Gameplay and Site Updates

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by Ceru
We're happy to announce a few gameplay and site updates! We also have a few questions for you guys that may directly affect future additions, so please give us your input!
  •  You can now collaborate with another player on Monthly Prompts and Quests! Check each for additional details. 
  • The writing requirements for quests have been changed in order to standardize them with other prompts on the site. 
  • The structure and entry requirements for Guilds has changed. Take a look on the Guild Page!
  • Each guild has one additional prompt to allow beans that are already in guilds to progress to the next rank. 
  • If you already have beans in guilds, please create a claim with their masterlist link and your preferred levels to retroactively receive your rewards. You can create a claim by clicking on the submit menu beside your username and choosing 'Submit Claim'
  • The Blank Slate achievement threshold has been lowered from needing 10 prompts featuring blank to 3.

Site Updates
We are happy to announce the addition of Familiars to the masterlist! In order to make this possible, the basic and greater familiar items have been removed from the specialty shop and have been replaced with the basic and greater familiar box. These item contain either the basic or greater familiar item, as well as either a basic or greater familiar MYO token.
The Familiar MYO tokens function exactly as beanling myo tokens do currently. To use your token, click on it and convert it into an myo slot by checking which token you would want to convert and hitting open under the "Use Slot" option. Then, navigate to your myo slots and put in a design update. When filling out the traits section, add either the "Basic Familiar" or "Greater Familiar" trait.
Adding a familiar to your beanling will work the same as it has in the past; open a design update for the beanling, leave a comment that you are attaching a familiar, and attach either the greater or basic familiar item from your inventory.
For those of you who already have familiars, both equipped to beans and in your inventory, please leave a claim using this form  to receive your MYO tokens: 
Number of basic familiars:
Number of greater familiars: 

A small note regarding submitting familiars on-site: A user has been added specifically to allow you to credit offsite artists. It's username is, shockingly, Offsite_Artist. When uploading your design, simply select this user and add the URL of your artist in the artist or designer url box. We are happy to have all sorts of species as familiars for beans, but we suggest using your own discretion and abiding by external species rules if you wish to add another CS design as a familiar.

Unfortunately, the cash shop is currently not functioning. While it is visible, you cannot purchase from it. Fortunately, the pricing for items is changing! All equiptment and familiars are now half the price listed. Myo tokens cost as follows:
 Common Beanling MYO - 5$
 Uncommon Beanling MYO - 10$
 Rare Beanling MYO - 15$
 Legendary Beanling MYO - 20$
 Common Flowerling MYO - 15$
 Uncommon FlowerlingMYO - 20$
 Rare FlowerlingMYO - 25$
 Legendary FlowerlingMYO - 30$
If you wish to purchase any items, please wither leave a ticket in mod-ticket with your beanling patch username, the item/s you would like to purchase, and your paypal adress or dm Ceru (edited)
 We hope to get the cash shop fixed soon, and to have the familiars displayed on a separate masterlist, but for the moment, you can view them on the main masterlist

Plans and Questions
While we have a lot more than this in the works, we are happy to announce that we will be adding some more info and personality to our npcs, adding more quests, and adding more guilds! We have a few themes already planned  for guilds,  which are as follows: 
  • A guild for Artists of all kinds (visual, written, performance, etc.)
  • A guild for technological and engineering minded beans
  • A guild for beans that love fauna of all kind  
  • A guild for Explorers and Adventurers
We would love to hear y'alls ideas in general, but we'd especially love if you could leave us a comment in the discord , or if you would like to submit a claim regarding these questions:
  •  What type of guild would you like to see added?
  •  What sort of quests do you find most interesting? Do you have any ideas for future quests?
  •  What are some of your favorite character tropes/ personality types?
  •  Are you ready for October?

Story and site updates!

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Hey guys, sorry for the influx of news posts, but as you can tell, we've got a lot going on here right now! This post is to consolidate everything that's going on right now with the story, events, site, and staff!

The current story so far.



1. The new monthly prompt, "Miasma Research" Is up and will run til September 7th, The monthly prompt for July, "Starfall Faire" will run until August 7th! 

2. The Starfall Faire itself will end on August 15th, so be sure you spend all your tickets! 

3. The two Free raffle beans will also be drawn on August 15th!

4. The Create to Adopt raffle will be drawn on September 8th!


Site and Discord Changes and Updates:

1. Changes have been made to the TOS to reflect the change in ownership. By continuing use of the site, you are agreeing to those terms of service!

2.  The site time has been changed to EST or UTC-5! This is now the timezone in which events will end, so please be aware of the change. If you accidentally miss a deadline by a few hours, please message Ceru. 

3. The on-site Patreon and discord Patreon rewards should now be synced to my account! Please remember to refresh your status. 

4. Several changes have been made on the back end that do not affect players. 

5. I will be messing around with several features that I did not have access to prior to try and learn more about them. This shouldn't cause any issues, but please be aware that you may see some odd things pop up and disappear. Theyr'e not indicative of anything besides me learning. X'D 

6. A new bot, Tupeprbox, has been added to the discord! This bot allows users to chat as characcters. We intend to use this feature for bean adventures and other discord games. 

7. Several channels have been added and shuffled around in the discord in anticipation of future events and in the spirit of consolidation. 
Added channels: Bot interaction, separate questions and suggestions, bean lore talk, pet and plant pics, and beanling boat! There may be more changes in the near future. 


To try and accomadate our more ambitious plans for the group, we have added some extra staff from within the group! Please give them a warm welcome in their new roles!

Sugarnova/Spottednova - Moderator (our amazing organizer and artist)

Dia/Poada - Discord Game Moderator (our Beanling Adventure Master)

xNocturnalKitenx/ Noct - Discord Game Moderator (our beanling boat captain and beango caller!)

Revpup/Rev - Discord Game Moderator (could strike at any moment)

You are already familiar with our two Guest Artists Dragonprr and xxbunnyloverxxx/Bun, but we have recruited some back ups to help them out! 

Alear/ Sincere-Alear - Event Guest Artist (be on the look-out for some spooky good designs!)

Voidarling/astriferous - Event Guest Artist (bringing you hits like Wither since 2019)

We hope you guys are excited for all of the group happenings! Thank you all for being so kind and patient in this transitional period!