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Gameplay and Site Updates

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We're happy to announce a few gameplay and site updates! We also have a few questions for you guys that may directly affect future additions, so please give us your input!
  •  You can now collaborate with another player on Monthly Prompts and Quests! Check each for additional details. 
  • The writing requirements for quests have been changed in order to standardize them with other prompts on the site. 
  • The structure and entry requirements for Guilds has changed. Take a look on the Guild Page!
  • Each guild has one additional prompt to allow beans that are already in guilds to progress to the next rank. 
  • If you already have beans in guilds, please create a claim with their masterlist link and your preferred levels to retroactively receive your rewards. You can create a claim by clicking on the submit menu beside your username and choosing 'Submit Claim'
  • The Blank Slate achievement threshold has been lowered from needing 10 prompts featuring blank to 3.

Site Updates
We are happy to announce the addition of Familiars to the masterlist! In order to make this possible, the basic and greater familiar items have been removed from the specialty shop and have been replaced with the basic and greater familiar box. These item contain either the basic or greater familiar item, as well as either a basic or greater familiar MYO token.
The Familiar MYO tokens function exactly as beanling myo tokens do currently. To use your token, click on it and convert it into an myo slot by checking which token you would want to convert and hitting open under the "Use Slot" option. Then, navigate to your myo slots and put in a design update. When filling out the traits section, add either the "Basic Familiar" or "Greater Familiar" trait.
Adding a familiar to your beanling will work the same as it has in the past; open a design update for the beanling, leave a comment that you are attaching a familiar, and attach either the greater or basic familiar item from your inventory.
For those of you who already have familiars, both equipped to beans and in your inventory, please leave a claim using this form  to receive your MYO tokens: 
Number of basic familiars:
Number of greater familiars: 

A small note regarding submitting familiars on-site: A user has been added specifically to allow you to credit offsite artists. It's username is, shockingly, Offsite_Artist. When uploading your design, simply select this user and add the URL of your artist in the artist or designer url box. We are happy to have all sorts of species as familiars for beans, but we suggest using your own discretion and abiding by external species rules if you wish to add another CS design as a familiar.

Unfortunately, the cash shop is currently not functioning. While it is visible, you cannot purchase from it. Fortunately, the pricing for items is changing! All equiptment and familiars are now half the price listed. Myo tokens cost as follows:
 Common Beanling MYO - 5$
 Uncommon Beanling MYO - 10$
 Rare Beanling MYO - 15$
 Legendary Beanling MYO - 20$
 Common Flowerling MYO - 15$
 Uncommon FlowerlingMYO - 20$
 Rare FlowerlingMYO - 25$
 Legendary FlowerlingMYO - 30$
If you wish to purchase any items, please wither leave a ticket in mod-ticket with your beanling patch username, the item/s you would like to purchase, and your paypal adress or dm Ceru (edited)
 We hope to get the cash shop fixed soon, and to have the familiars displayed on a separate masterlist, but for the moment, you can view them on the main masterlist

Plans and Questions
While we have a lot more than this in the works, we are happy to announce that we will be adding some more info and personality to our npcs, adding more quests, and adding more guilds! We have a few themes already planned  for guilds,  which are as follows: 
  • A guild for Artists of all kinds (visual, written, performance, etc.)
  • A guild for technological and engineering minded beans
  • A guild for beans that love fauna of all kind  
  • A guild for Explorers and Adventurers
We would love to hear y'alls ideas in general, but we'd especially love if you could leave us a comment in the discord , or if you would like to submit a claim regarding these questions:
  •  What type of guild would you like to see added?
  •  What sort of quests do you find most interesting? Do you have any ideas for future quests?
  •  What are some of your favorite character tropes/ personality types?
  •  Are you ready for October?

Story and site updates!

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Hey guys, sorry for the influx of news posts, but as you can tell, we've got a lot going on here right now! This post is to consolidate everything that's going on right now with the story, events, site, and staff!

The current story so far.



1. The new monthly prompt, "Miasma Research" Is up and will run til September 7th, The monthly prompt for July, "Starfall Faire" will run until August 7th! 

2. The Starfall Faire itself will end on August 15th, so be sure you spend all your tickets! 

3. The two Free raffle beans will also be drawn on August 15th!

4. The Create to Adopt raffle will be drawn on September 8th!


Site and Discord Changes and Updates:

1. Changes have been made to the TOS to reflect the change in ownership. By continuing use of the site, you are agreeing to those terms of service!

2.  The site time has been changed to EST or UTC-5! This is now the timezone in which events will end, so please be aware of the change. If you accidentally miss a deadline by a few hours, please message Ceru. 

3. The on-site Patreon and discord Patreon rewards should now be synced to my account! Please remember to refresh your status. 

4. Several changes have been made on the back end that do not affect players. 

5. I will be messing around with several features that I did not have access to prior to try and learn more about them. This shouldn't cause any issues, but please be aware that you may see some odd things pop up and disappear. Theyr'e not indicative of anything besides me learning. X'D 

6. A new bot, Tupeprbox, has been added to the discord! This bot allows users to chat as characcters. We intend to use this feature for bean adventures and other discord games. 

7. Several channels have been added and shuffled around in the discord in anticipation of future events and in the spirit of consolidation. 
Added channels: Bot interaction, separate questions and suggestions, bean lore talk, pet and plant pics, and beanling boat! There may be more changes in the near future. 


To try and accomadate our more ambitious plans for the group, we have added some extra staff from within the group! Please give them a warm welcome in their new roles!

Sugarnova/Spottednova - Moderator (our amazing organizer and artist)

Dia/Poada - Discord Game Moderator (our Beanling Adventure Master)

xNocturnalKitenx/ Noct - Discord Game Moderator (our beanling boat captain and beango caller!)

Revpup/Rev - Discord Game Moderator (could strike at any moment)

You are already familiar with our two Guest Artists Dragonprr and xxbunnyloverxxx/Bun, but we have recruited some back ups to help them out! 

Alear/ Sincere-Alear - Event Guest Artist (be on the look-out for some spooky good designs!)

Voidarling/astriferous - Event Guest Artist (bringing you hits like Wither since 2019)

We hope you guys are excited for all of the group happenings! Thank you all for being so kind and patient in this transitional period!

Create to Adopt Blueberry Bean!

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This little cutie is looking for a new home, and the Beanling-Patch is helping them to find it with a Create to Adopt event! In order to enter, you will either need to draw or write an entry! Please submit your entries to the post on DA!

Donut Divider by sosogirl123 

Visual Art entries:

You can enter the raffle to win this adopt by drawing a simple full-body sketch! You can get some additional entries by doing the following:

+1 entry for color
+1 entry for drawing a second bean
+1 entry for advertising this post
+ 1 entry if you are a first-time owner!

Written entries:

You can enter the raffle to win this adopt by writing no less than 200 words that describe their personality! You can get some additional entries by doing the following:

+1 entry for writing at least 200 words describing their pastimes/job/etc.
+1 entry for writing at least 200 words of their interactions with another bean
+1 entry for advertising this post
+ 1 entry if you are a first-time owner!

To enter, comment this form:

Link to entry:
Link to advertisement (optional):
Are you an FTO:

This Create to Adopt event will end on September 7th!
Join us on the Discord for more fun!

The Beginnings Continues (story comic)

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General Update/Ownership Change

Posted 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 2 weeks ago by Ceru

Hello Everyone! As you can all see the site is currently up and running! Having said that, we are hoping to do some more updates soon, and while we don't predict major downtimes, you can never be certain. Thank you again for your patience while we sort things out behind the scenes and try to improve the overall experience here and on the Discord! 

We are also looking to take on some Event Guest Artists! I will be posting this internally to the group here and on the site first, as I'd really like to fill the spots from within our community.

Check out the form for more detail! 

As most of you are also aware, the entire Beanling-Patch ARPG has also undergone a change of hands. Toffee had previously poster her announcement on here and in the discord, but in transferring the site, we lost her post here, so I have included it below.:

Hey Everyone!


It’s Toffee-tama here. I have a very important announcement to make regarding the future of the group.


As some of you might have noticed, I have been rather absent from the group since March/April and firstly I would like to apologise for that absence. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing burnout in regards to art in general and thus I haven’t been able to give the group the care and attention it needs. It's very hard for me to delegate and get things done and I have been feeling rather guilty about neglecting my responsibilities as the group owner. I have therefore come to the conclusion that it would be best for me to step down from the leader role and pass it on to someone who is better prepared. 


This is not a decision I have made lightly and I have seriously been thinking it over for a few months now. I was reluctant to bite the bullet since I felt the pressure of sunk cost fallacy since I have worked on this group for almost 3 years now. However, I can also recognise my own shortcomings and I know myself well enough to know that it was time to walk away not just for my mental health, but the health of the group. I want Beanlings to thrive, but I feel like we can’t do that with me as the leader.


Going forward, CeruleansBlues (Ceru) will be the new group owner. She is the owner in all regards including the intellectual property of Beanlings, the site and future prospects. She will be taking over all aspects of running the site including the admin account. Please be kind and respectful as she transitions into her new role!


I’d also like to advise that the website will be down for an indeterminate amount of time as it is transferred between owners. Nothing will be changing about the website in terms of functionality, it will simply be undergoing an ownership transfer. Monthly prompts, crafting, questing and all other activities will continue as usual. Please feel free to continue playing the Starfall Event and working on your prompts!


In regards to my patreon, I will be closing my patreon at the end of the month since I have been neglecting it.

Please consider transferring your memberships to to continue receiving beanling-patch patreon benefits and supporting the site costs!


I will not be leaving the group or anything as I still have my personal account to engage as a regular player. There is also the tentative possibility of me participating as a guest artist in the future.


I want to thank each and every one of you guys for supporting me during this time and I want you to know that it truly means a lot to me!


Thank you everyone!


Best regards, Toffee-tama

Azul Starfall Faire Begins!

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The Story up until now:


At this time of year in the peaceful realm of Prism Vale, beanling's and flowerling's dreams have gathered in the skies and formed into falling stars. This year, however, something is truly amiss. A thick miasma has spread over Prism Vale, coating the skies and grounds and preventing the dream magic from forming in to stars. The source of this corruption-laced fog seems to be odd gems reminiscent of Void Fragments. A strange figure has been spotted planting the objects around the Vale.

See the last news post for the comic. 


Princess Twila Addresses Prism Vale in the midst of rising panic.

Twila Worried

Hello Citizens of Prism Vale! As I’m sure you’re aware, there has been a strange phenomena happening in the skies of our islands. Strange stones have been placed that have prevented our dreams from forming stars as they usually do this time of year. For all of you who helped investigate the matter, the Queen and I thank you, but we ask that you please remain cautious when investigating such anomalies.

Twila Happy

Fortunately, our very own Azul Defenders have managed to clear them away! Thanks to their and your own efforts, the skies have cleared and our dreams have gathered to fall once again! So it’s with great pleasure that I can finally announce the start of starfall! To mark this particularly unusual starfall, some of our very own guild leaders have set up stalls at the Azul Starfall Faire with generous and unusual prizes!

Twila Concerned

Please feel free to enjoy the festivities in safety, as our Azul Defenders will be guarding the fairgrounds and keeping an especially close eye on the canyon. With that said, if you see any mysterious figures or ill-intended actions, please report it to any defenders on duty so that they may investigate.


Happy Starfall Everyone!

[MISC] Night Sky Divider (F2U)

Hello, and welcome to the Azul Starfall Faire! Many of our guild and community leaders have put together some fun to mark to the occasion! To participate in the stalls at the fair, you are going to need Starfall Tickets!


While you will be able to buy these with various group and real currencies at Percival's Stall, you can also get several free ones! You can earn them through several means:

  • Have or Create a Beanling-Patch Site account: 1 Ticket
  • Join or already be present in the Beanling-Patch Discord: 1 Ticket
  • Comment on the Deviantart Journal : 1 ticket
  • Promote this journal on your platforms! This includes, but is not limited to DA, FA, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, other Discord servers, Amino groups, etc. Each social media platform gets you: 1 Ticket
  • Having a friend join the even with you as reference. Both of you will get: 3 Tickets
  • Complete June or July's Monthly prompt on the site!: 3 Tickets
Percival's Starfall Ticket Stall

Play Games and Win Prizes!


All of the Starfall stalls can be found in this group folder.


Millie's Plushies and Lost and Found

Millie's Plushie and Lost + Found Stall

Roll Millie's gachas for plushies, familiars, one-off familiar and bean designs, and more!


Seelie's Bubble Blast Stall

Seelie's Bubble Blast Stall

Play a round or two of a bubble browser game and win potions and their components!


Ocean's Mystery Wheel Stall

Ocean's Mystery Wheel Stall

Ocean's brought a special version of the mystery wheel to the fair . . . He may not be the mysterious figure, but he's certainly suspicious.


Aeluin's Basketball Dunk Stall

Aeluin's Basketball Dunk Stall

Have some fun shooting hoops and winning some Event Currency!


Poppy's Face Paint and Apparel Stall

Poppy's Face Paint and Apparel Stall

Get some discounted gear and markings for your beanling or flowerling! There are a few one-off designs available here.


Pumpkin's Sitting Ducks Stall

Pumpkin's Sitting Ducks Stall

Play a classic carnival game and win some fun gear!


Join us on the Discord for more fun!

The Deviantart Event Hub


Beanlings / Flowerlings are a closed species by Toffee-Tama - Please do not make your own without permission!

Group rules and TOS

The Beginning (story comic)

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It seems like something big is happening in Prism Vale- 


A huge shoutout to our member Spottednova for their help with the comic!

Monthly Prompt Update!

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Hello Everyone! We’ve got a small announcement to share with you. Our monthly prompt reward structure will be changing to make things more accessible to our casual players, and to reward our more ambitious players a little bit more! Unlike in the past where our monthly prompts were worth a flat amount of beans, you will now be rewarded based on the scope of your piece!
The breakdown goes as follows:


New Minimum Standard Submission:

This is the minimum acceptable submission for a prompt.

Written entries: Minimum word count: 250 words

Drawn entries: Uncoloured Clean Sketch

Standard Completion Reward: 3 Beans (Per Entry) + 1 User Exp + 1 Character Exp (Focus Character only)

Written Entries Stackable Bonuses:

  • Tier 1: Word count reaches 400: 1 Beans
  • Tier 2: Word count reaches 500: 1 Beans
  • Tier 3: Word count reaches 600: 1 Beans
  • Tier 4: Word count reaches 800: 2 Beans
  • Tier 5: Word count reaches 1000: 2 Beans

Drawn Entries Stackable Bonuses:

  • Tier 1: Coloured Sketch: 1 Beans
  • Tier 2: Lineart: 1 Beans
  • Tier 3: Full Colour (Character): 1 Beans
  • Tier 4: Full Colour Background: 2  Beans
  • Tier 5: Including a second character: 2 Bean

All of these bonuses stack!

To give you an example, we’ll break down this piece!

This piece is lined, has three beans, and a full colored background, so it would break down like this:

Sketched: 1 Bean

Lined: 1 Bean

Full Colour Character: 1 Bean

Full Colour Background: 2 Beans

Includes a Second Character: 2 Beans

Total: 7 beans

We are also happy to announce that we have a new ongoing prompt!

Freestyle Monthly!

If you’ve ever wanted to draw your bean, but simply don’t think they’d fit in with the prompts and quests available, this is for you! Any piece you draw or write for your beans can be submitted here for rewards using the same rewards structure as the monthly prompt! You will be able to submit this prompt two times a month, so have some fun exploring your bean’s lives outside of our monthly prompts and quests!

Thank you!

- Toffee + Ceru

Happy New Year!

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The old year is gone, and we'd like to wish you all a happy new year! Thank you for making last year a fun, friendly, and bean-filled time! We're hoping this year will be even better, and we're kicking it off with a few returning events, including a free beanling raffle! 
The Sweets or Beans gift prompt is also returning, and is open now, so feel free to spread some gifts and get some in return! 

If you haven't checked in with the Discord in a while, we are also doing a lot of fun events there, including Beango, Who's that Beanling, and dice-rolling live quests! 

We will be posting the new monthly prompt in a few days, and hope to have an adopt or two to celebrate Lunar New Year. 

So let's have a cheer for the old year, and a hurrah for the new! 

New Year's Raffle!

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It's a new year, and two beans have come to ring it in! These two little sweeties,  made by our Very own Majix and Ceru are up for a free raffle! 


You can only win one benaling, but you are welcome to enter for both! Please enter by commenting on this news post~
The winners will be rolled a week from now on January 7th!