Welcome to Prism Vale

Where can you find Beanling?

Beanlings can exist in any place that sentient creatures reside. However, they also have their own pocket dimension which they call home, Prism Vale.

Getting to Prism Vale.

All Beanlings can travel to Prism Vale. However, they can only travel from their current world to Prism Vale at dusk. A beanling must sleep inside a flower as it closes for the day. The Beanling must then dream of their home and then awakens in Prism Vale!

What is Prism Vale?

Prism Vale is located inside a pocket dimension. It is made up of a seven giant floating islands, each held up by clouds. It is a generally serene place where the sky is always a mixture of soft pastels, often times a rainbow is present. The islands all have their own distinct looks.

World Map: