Miasma Research- Part 2

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Amara kept watch through the window as Charum made his way back into the forest and out of sight. Once they were safely on their way, the flowerling turned her attention back to the table she had been organizing. She put the last vial back into its place, then drifted to the underside of the staircase, where a small kitchenette area was tucked. The flowerling retrieved two bottles from the cabinet, one black and one pink, and got to work pouring a selection of fruit juices into each. Once her concoction was complete, she gathered up the bottles and made her way up the stairs to join her friend.


At the small warning knock that was given, Chi called back the all-clear, and turned to look toward the door as it opened. 


“Any new developments?” 


“Not yet. It’s crazy, even with an active drain, those stones don’t seem to weaken. It’s seeming more and more likely that they’re imbued with enough magic and corruption to actually be generating corruption energy, rather than just holding it. At least, it seems that way in the case of the void fragments.” 


Chi scribbled a note down on the pad of paper in front of her, glancing toward the containment chamber she’d created. Inside the main chamber was a void fragment, isolated and glowing. The portion that held it was connected to a smaller chamber, which had a series of filters and layers of materials that the smoky aura of the fragment was being pulled through to try to reach an enchanted stone that had been set on the other side. 


The beanling pushed herself up from her seat, flitting around the room to check on the various other similar chambers she had set up. Each contained either a void fragment in some form- some were shattered or crushed while others were whole- or one of the more mysterious dark stones that had only been found recently. Various materials had been distributed amongst the labeled containers, each a different test to see how the stones interacted with the materials. 


“The dew doesn’t seem to have an effect on its own, except in the case of the moving iterations. Stagnant dew might even be having an amplification effect, but I’m not certain. Movement of the liquid helps to negate the spread of the aura, and doesn’t seem to be affected by the corruption afterwards.”


“Perhaps the movement enables the dew to cycle efficiently, ensuring the corruption does not have sufficient time to influence the magic contained within the particles.”


“My thoughts exactly,” Chi smiled under her mask, “We’ll have to modify more of the chambers and run more tests. If moving water has any helpful effects, we might be able to get the storm kids to set off a whole series of showers to wash away the miasma. But we have to make sure that if that’s the- oh, thank you,” 


Amara hummed in response, having placed the pink drink container in her companion’s line of sight. “Your dew is dull.” 


Chi sighed, taking the bottle, "Ugh, right, right…" 


"Come sit, friend. Observation requires enough patience to allow for rest."


Chi groaned, glancing around the room. Admittedly, she had gotten her check-in notes for this hour taken already. 


"I need to check what Charum brought in, categorize it and-"


"Those specimens will remain in their containment, they do not need tending  at this exact moment," the flowerling reminded her, drifting to sit at one of the rest tables on the far end of the room. 


Chi hesitated, looking toward the bag for another moment before sighing. Resigned, she grabbed the bottle once more and floated to join Amara. After taking a seat, the beanling removed her mask and gloves, placing them in a neat pile on the seat next to her. 


"There, sitting," Chi stated as she moved to uncap her drink. After a gulp and an approving hum, the beanling looked towards Amara. "... I don't look that bad, do I?"


Amara chuckled lightly, giving her friend a sympathetic smile, "Of course not. But you do appear tired. You are handling many volatile and unfamiliar materials. Maintaining your health is important to being able to ensure your safety."


Chi huffed, looking sideways. Amara considered her for a moment, then hummed thoughtfully. 


“You have been... particularly focused lately. Charum is the only face we have seen in recent days. I understand the importance of this study, but our methods do not warrant extreme isolation.”


"It's hardly isolation if it's just the result of nobody coming around," Chi mumbled. She looked down at the table, picking up a pen nearby to idly turn it over in her hands, "Hunter's been caught up with helping Lesath, something with the miasma got to him. Dad told me to back off, like I'm some novice. And who knows what the others are even up to. You know I don't really keep friends well." 


Chi paused, taking a drink to give herself a moment to think. As she placed the bottle back down, she glanced toward the flowerling. "If… you're bothered or missing anyone else, I hope you know I wouldn't want to isolate you. If your family needs more of your attention or help, then…" she trailed off, eyes returning to the pen she held.


Amara tilted her head slightly, making a point to seek eye contact. 


“Your company is more than sufficient, and I have no matter more important than your experiment. My concern stems from your demeanor, Chi. You do not seem yourself; your notes are scattered and your mind elsewhere.”


Chi frowned slightly, the small spines of her halo seeming to jitter a bit as they tended to do when she was agitated. The beanling was quiet for a long moment, choosing her words. Then she crossed her arms on the table and laid her head down on top of them. 


"It's… not the being alone. Though, it would be nice if anyone else had decided to even stop by to check in. But Lesath is sick, so Hunter won't. And really, who else would even check in on me? Basically only you. But you're here," the beanling managed a tired smile, "Which I hope you know I'm very grateful for. I'd drive myself crazy otherwise. But it's…" 


The beanling closed her eyes for a moment, then turned her gaze to look out of a small, circular window. "I don't know what's going on. Nobody seems to know. I've seen creatures effected by corruption, it's… it can be horrifying. There's whispers about Dad. People being stupid. Beans getting sick. Everyone's on edge. It's… easier, if I can ignore it and focus on things here. But I still care about everyone out there, even if they forget about me. I want everyone to be safe."


Amara kept her gaze on Chi, eyes softening a bit as the bean talked. 

“I see. The situation is certainly disheartening. As such, we must remember that we cannot assist those in need without first assisting ourselves. I am certain the others are in a similar situation, but you are far from forgotten in my mind and many of theirs, no doubt.”

She leaned over the table to pick up a petri dish, gently turning it over in her hands. 

“You are aware you can always speak to me on matters of personal distress, yes?”


Chi laughed weakly, giving Amara a tired smile, "You don't gotta listen to my complaining, Mara. I'll get back to my old self eventually," the beanling hummed, sipping her drink, "But… I do hear you, at least. I'll try to take a bit of a breather before our next batch begins. Maybe we could go get dinner somewhere if we lock things up properly."


Amara gave the bean a rare smile, “They are not complaints, they are important notes on your life. They’re worth recording, verbally or otherwise, Chi. Dinner sounds like a splendid outing.”

She rose from the couch, gently holding out a hand for the other bean. Chi laughed lightly, considering her words as she took the flowerling's hand. 


"Notes on my life, huh? … I think I like that. It's a good way to think of it," the pink eyed beanling gave a cheeky smile, "Maybe I need to find some good empty books for some memoirs."


"I would gladly read every word," Amara stated plainly as the two fell into a wordless routine of checking over the experiment enclosures to get them prepared for the two to depart.

Miasma Research- Part 2
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Word Count: 1424


When you're someone who's been studying this stuff and then all the sudden it's everywhere, it can be a little stressful. Always good to have good friends to help.

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