How beans sprout

Created: 1 August 2023, 04:06:31 UTC
Last updated: 1 August 2023, 04:06:31 UTC

Beanlings often seem to come into being after someone discovers a sprout in a flash of light. Some slower sprouting beans have actually gave us some insight into what actually happens in the middle of all that light. 

1. The wish  or curse creates a seed that is blown away by a plant puff.

2. The seed comes to rest and loses its puff, a small leaf sprout taking it's place. 

3. The bean catches ambient dew in the leaf and a wish or curse tag begins to grow out of the seed. 

4. The bean begins to emerge from the seed and dew gathers in the newly forming ears. 

5. The bean has fully emerged from the seed, and the leaf begins to split to form wings. The eyes may open at this stage, but the bean cannot fly yet. 

6. The wish falls into place as the seed is absorbed into the body. The beginnings of the beans coloration and mutations can be seen. 

7. The young bean is fully formed!