Easter in Prism Vale

Created: 30 May 2020, 23:27:31 UTC
Last updated: 31 October 2021, 02:49:57 UTC

Easter in Prism Vale


Easter is a strange time in Prism Vale, after the hype of the Sprouting season, one would think things would start to slow down and take a break, but no, that is not the beanlings fashion, for the party must go on! No, Easter carries through with the energy of the Sprouting and swings forth into yet another time of celebration. With an abundance of new beanlings eager to find their place and enter beanling society, it is only fitting that they are welcomed with some of the finer things in life, like chocolate and toys! There is a particular mythos surrounding Easter, with it's current incarnation the most widely known, though some wise and old beanlings might tell a beanling a different tale. 

The myth of Easter is as follows:

"On a sweet, calm, Spring night, as the power of the Sprouting was beginning to wane, one last blush of magic pulsed through Prism Vale. It softly shook a sleeping lily, causing the unknowing flora to every so slightly blossom in the moonlight. Among it's petals was a curious creature of soft white fur and long, lily-like ears. Awakened by the light, the creature slowly stood and found itself amazed by the world around it. The creature had with it a small basket and inside were three eggs, each one a dazzling design. The creature wondered around the Vale in awe until it stumbled upon a beanling village. Curious, the creature watched the beanlings as they went about their day.
    How lovely,'the creature thought as it watched the beanlings hard at work.
    It watched them for quite a while, growing particularly fond of the little beanlings, they were so small and tried so hard. The creature also wanted to help. It thought about the beanlings very hard, but what could the creature do? It wasn't like the beanlings, so it did not know what a beanling might like. The creature paused, taking a moment to inspect their eggs. Perhaps an egg might be useful? It cannot hurt, thought the creature.
    So under the moonlight, the creature went into the beanling town, the shadows covering it perfectly as it clung to the shadows. In the middle of the village square, the creature left it's three eggs before returning to the forest.
    In the morning three beanlings found the eggs, each taking one for themselves.
    'What beautiful eggs!' Proclaimed the first, ' This would make a lovely gift for my friend.'
    'How novel, this would make a delicious omelette for the neighborhood,' said the second.
    'Hm...' said the third, 'it's not my favorite, but it will do I guess.'
    The creature was satisfied with the first and second beanlings reaction, but found the thirds lacking. It followed the beanlings around to see how their eggs were received.
    The first did exactly as they said and gifted the eggs to their dear friend. The friend was indeed very happy and went to share the egg with the first. To their delight their egg was filled with delicious chocolate!
    Next, the creature followed the second. They too did as they said and gathered their neighbors for a lovely breakfast. When they went to crack the egg their found it contained more yolk than expected, in fact, they didn't have to use any other eggs as it filled their pan to the brim! This too made the beanlings happy and the creature was satisfied.
    Finally the creature followed the third. The third quickly hid away in their home, hiding the eggs from everyone they passed. Behind closed doors, they pouted as they examined the egg, 'looks worthless, but it's mine so I'm not sharing.' They announced as they broke the eggs open. 'Ew!' They squeaked as the pungent smell of rotten eggs filled their nose.
    The creature chuckled to itself, how fitting it thought. The creature returned to the forest and to it's delight, the eggs had mysteriously returned to the basket! So it decided to repeat it's plan.
    After a few weeks of observing the beanlings reactions to the eggs, the creature decided it was time to introduce itself. Plucking up the courage, it entered the village, not in the shadows, but under the moonlight. It placed the eggs boldly, waiting for a beanling to show. However, tonight the creature felt something it had never felt before, a longing, even a calling, as it stared up into the moon, the creature was suddenly compelled to leave. Home was calling. The creature left it's eggs and basket, quickly rushing from the village, a voice shouts out in the distance but the creature could not stop itself. It did not stop until it came to a familiar lily, it's petals slightly ajar and welcoming.
    I want to stay, the creature thought, but I'm so sleepy. It climbed into the lily, it's eyes suddenly very heavy, a sense of comfort washed over it as the delicate petals closed in and off to sleep it went."

The tale describes a mysterious creature that rewards kindness and sharing, while punishing those who are selfish. It is a perfect tale for young beanlings and those who might be feeling a bit lost as to their purpose. It is also known to send young beanlings to sleep and is usually told as a bedtime story.

No one is quite sure what the mysterious creature is, though from it's short description you cannot fault one for assuming it is some kind of rabbit (Bunny or Hare, depending on who you talk to), however, there is no conclusive evidence that creature is indeed a rabbit. It could be a number of other creatures, such as the Fennec Fox, long-eared Jerboa, or even a Bilby. However, the iconic idea of the rabbit has won out in beanling society and thus the Rabbit has become the symbol of the Easter Festival along with the creature's famous eggs. One can find an assortment of rabbit themed apparel during the Easter festival and more when it comes to eggs. At the height of the festival, most beanlings like to venture to Lila for the grand party where they will dress up as rabbits and dance the night away. All while enjoying chocolate fountains and all the chocolate eggs they could ever desire of course. 

While no one can say they have for sure seen the mysterious creature known as the Easter Rabbit, the Easter festival starts on around the same time each year when mysterious eggs start to randomly appear all over Prism Vale. These eggs are rather curious as they seem to appear by magical means and while the majority of them seem to be made from chocolate, a rare few have also been known to have certain magical properties. It is hard to distinguish what type of egg one will find, as there is no visual indicator that a certain egg is magical. It is also hard to know if your egg is one of the magically spawned or not as beanlings start to make their own eggs and leave them for strangers. 

The tradition of egg making and hiding is also well established. One can employ a variety of techniques in order to make their perfect Easter egg, including crafting with magic, baking from scratch or buying pre-made eggs and decorating them yourself. These eggs can be chocolate or any other type of sweet, like hard boiled candy or even cake. Most beanlings make eggs for their friends and gift them or hide them where someone will find them. Beanlings also go on egg hunts together, gathering as many eggs as they can and then enjoying them as a party.