Growing your Beanling

Created: 30 May 2020, 23:04:38 UTC
Last updated: 24 June 2023, 05:54:27 UTC

Looking to grow your beanling? You're in the right place!


There are a few ways to grow your beanling into their flowerling form:

  • USD commissioned growth customs/semi customs done by Ceru or Sugar. These can be obtained via public sales announcements, or by contacting the artists directly. Please note that if you are contacting a mod for a growth commission, it is up to their discretion whether they will accept the commission at that time. Do not harass artists if they are unwilling to take growth commissions, for any reason.
  • USD MYO growth slots, which can be purchased from the cash shop.
  • Bean  (Group currency) MYO growth slots. These are always available, so long as you have the currency and design approvals are open. (Beans  are the groups currency that you can earn by participating in group prompts/events. You can check your balance via your bank tab.)
  • Won as a prize from an event held by the group/Ceru.


General Information:

- This page is for information on using Beans (currency) to submit a growth for a pre-existing beanling or blightling.

-Simple beanlings will cost less than fancy beanlings! The amount of currency that you need will be dependent on the traits that are changed or added during the growth. Please keep this in mind when choosing traits.

- Once you have your beans and design, head over to design update via your characters profle to submit your character's growth and get your updated character art approved!


Choosing your traits:

- Please see here for all traits and mutations.


Growth Cost:

In order to calculate the cost of your beanling or blightling's growth, you'll need to add up the cost of all Traits, Markings, Mutations, and Stats that will be changed on or added to your beanling as they grow! 

You may also use potions instead of Beans to add traits to your beanling during this process, if you so choose.

Trait costs:

Traits may be added or changed during the growth process. Once the growth process is complete, any trait or mutation changes will require a potion to change, so choose carefully. A beanling or blightling must acquire at least their bloom trait in order to grow! The cost of the bloom traits are as follows:

  • Common = 3 Beans 
  • Uncommon = 5 Beans 
  • Rare = 7 Beans 
  • Legendary = 10 Beans 

Changing an existing trait to a new one within same rarity tier: 2 Beans

Changing an existing trait to a new one in a different rarity tier (including lowering rarity!): 3 Beans  per  tier
For example: 

  • Common > Legendary = 9 Beans
  • Common > Uncommon = 3 Beans 
  • Uncommon > Legendary = 6 Beans 
  • Legendary > Rare = 3 Beans


Marking changes:

  • Minor changes = 3 Beans 
  • Major changes = 6 Beans 


Color changes:

  • Minor changes = 3 Beans 
  • Major changes = 6 Beans 


Mutations Costs:

Mutations may also be added during the growth process! As with traits, once the growth process is complete any trait or mutation changes will require a potion to change, so choose carefully. 

  • Common = 3 Beans 
  • Uncommon = 5 Beans 
  • Rare = 7 Beans 
  • Legendary = 10 Beans 


Stat Costs:

You may chose to increase your mind and/or body stats during the growth process, up to a maximum of 5 purchasable points per stat. Your stats will effect which quests you may participate in as well as your chances for rewards.  You may also apply any potions.

Please note that when growing your beanling, any potions or equipment will not count towards your maximum 5 purchaseable stats! These items are counted as buffs to your character's base stats rather than the after your base stats rather than being part of the base stat itself.
In other words, if your character has had 2 Mind Potions applied to them before their growth, their Mind stat would show as 3 (1 Base + 2 Potion). If you want to bump their Mind stat more as you grow them, you would only take into account their 1 Base stat and use the table below to make cost adjustments. Then, you would add the 2 Mind Potions that were previously applied  separately. So, your character's base stat increases to 5, and with the potions, their total Mind stat would show as 7! And, if you wanted to add more potions to them at the time of their growth, you would simply add that on to the base number afterwards as well.

  • 1 > 2 = 5 Beans 
  • 2 > 3 = 10 Beans 
  • 3 > 4 = 15 Beans 
  • 4 > 5 = 20 Beans 

(Going from 1 > 5 Points will cost a total of 50 Beans )


How to submit your growth.

  1. Go to the My Characters tab.
  2. Select the character your would like to grow.
  3. Under Settings, go to Update Design tab.
  4. Select Create Request.
  5. There are 4 tabs you must fill out: Comments, Masterlist Image, Add-ons and Traits. Select each section, fill out the information needed, then hit save. Note: Even if you don't have anything to add to a section, you still must hit save on the tab to be able to submit the request!
  6. Comments: Please describe what changes you're making, trait breakdowns and costs, and any other notes you think mods should know to help your character be approved! 
  7. Masterlist Image: This is mandatory for a growth! Submit an image of your character in their grown form, preferably with a transparent background and minimal/no shading (for sake of clarity of colors/markings). Masterlist art may include small accessories (piercings, ribbons, etc) but nothing that obscures large portions of the design.
  8. Add-ons: Here you can select items to be applied to your beanling, including equipement and potions. These items will be consumed upon approval. For growths, this is where you'll add your Beans (currency) to pay for the changes you've chosen!
  9. Traits: Add any new traits you'd like to purchase - these can be adjusted by mods if there are any issues.
  10. Once all tabs are green, go to status and submit request! Mods usually check design requests at least once a week, and if your design is approved then they will then be updated on the Masterlist. If rejected, you will receive feedback for any changes that need to be made. 
    • If you've had a design update in queue for more than 7 days with no feedback or change, and there has been no announcement of a slow-mode or hiatus of the group, feel free to reach out to a mod! All we ask is that you do so kindly, we're only human and sometimes need a bit of extra patience when life gets hectic. 

      Extra: Visual guide for adding pets/equipment here.