History of Beanlings

Created: 30 May 2020, 23:21:53 UTC
Last updated: 31 October 2021, 02:51:25 UTC

A Brief History of Beanlings.


The Beginning:

The beanling species was spontaneously created by a divine being refereed to as the Creator. The Creator had a wish so strong that it created the original Seven beanlings. The beanlings originally lived with the Creator, however, they eventually desired a special home of their own.


The Creation of Prism Vale:

The Creator was happy to oblige and thus created Prism Vale. Prism Vale is a pocket dimension designed to cater to each beanlings desires. Thus why there are seven islands, each one is inspired by the original Seven. It was designed as the perfect paradise and a safe space for the beanlings. There pocket dimension is tied to a large opal that lives among the Creators possessions.


The Expansion:

As time went on, more and more beanlings came into existence. They were relatively peaceful but lacked guidance and so the original Seven asked the Creator for advice. This is when the royal family came into existence. At the time, the role was called the Herald of Peace. The beanlings flourished during this time with the guidance of a leader figure and they experienced rapid expansion, the cities grew large and the school of magic was established on Solei. Beanlings also started incorporating their otherworldly experiences into their home and Prism Vale saw a raise in culture.


The Corruption:

After a long period of peace and harmony, a disaster befell Prism Vale. A resounding crack could be heard all through out the Vale as Azul island suddenly broke, creating the Giant Canyon. There was mass confusion as to what had happened. Some decided to explore the newly formed canyon where they discovered mysterious veins of precious minerals, but also a substance called the Void which had strong magical properties. They also stumbled upon corrupted creatures that would attack unsuspecting beanlings. The beanlings sought out the Creator to explain why this had happened and what was corrupting the creatures. The Creator explained that the opal housing their pocket dimension had been damaged, thus damaging Azul Island and allowing it to be corrupted with negative magic. They explained that they could not fix the damage.


Rise of the Guilds:

It was around the time of the Corruption that the seven main guilds started to rise in size and popularity. The most notable to grow was the Azul Defenders, having been freshly formed with many young beanlings eager to join and protect their home for danger. The guilds offered scared and confused beanlings a place that they could fit in and help those around them. It was a turbulent time, but the guilds were ultimately able to combine their unique talents in order to contain the Corruption to Azul Island. The most influential guild during the containment was the Order of Affinity, being comprised of the smartest and most powerful beanlings of the time. They were able to create the magical seals powerful enough to keep the Corruption bound to Azul Island.


Back to peace:

After sealing the Corruption to Azul Island, things mostly went back to normal for the beanlings. They returned to a state of peace, though some would say it is a bit more thrilling these days with adventures still exploring the corrupted areas of Azul Island. Some are working on ways to cure the Corruption completely, though no breakthroughs have thus been found. Still, many useful things have come from the Giant Canyon, including the discovery of the Void fragment's ability to cleanse mutations and the abundance of mysterious but useful treasure.