Lucky Spirit

Created: 3 June 2020, 16:33:29 UTC
Last updated: 4 August 2022, 05:12:08 UTC

"Hello there kindred soul, welcome to the Lucky Spirit Guild."


This is the place where you can learn all about the Lucky Spirit Guild, who they are, and how to join!

Who are the Lucky Spirit Guild?

The Lucky Spirit Guild is for those who love nature, working in and with it, or simply enjoyin gand communing with it.  Farmer, craftsmen, and druid types tend to favor this guild, though anyone may join who has a love for nature.

Guild Details

Guild Leader: Maple Pumpkin
Headquarters: Jesen Island
Guild Colours: Green, Brown and Gold
Guild Emblem:

The emblem is usually depicted as a Luck Tree bean sprouting. It can be accompanied by other depictions of nature such as leaves and flowers.

Joining and Ranking Prompts

In order to join  and advance your rank in this guild you must first complete the following prompts:

Civilian:  Depict your beanling interacting with nature /  working their desired craft.
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling interacting with nature of some kind or your beanling working hard. Perhaps they are farming? Maybe they are hanging out in a meadow, encouraging flowers to grow? Maybe they are haggling up a storm or whittling toys for other beanlings.

Prospective Member: Depict your beanling spreading nature / their work to others.
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling bringing nature or their hard work to others. Do they sell flowers? Or maybe they are bringing the harvest to town? Maybe you are a druid who is putting on a display for locals? How do you bring a little bit of nature to others? Maybe they are selling their wares? Maybe they were able to finally finish a large commission for a buyer who happily shows off the results?

Initiate Member: Depict your beanling showing off their Lucky Spirit Guild attire!
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling wearing an outfit or apparel inspired by the Lucky Spirit Guild. You must at least have the guild emblem somewhere on the design. Backgrounds are not required for this prompt, and written entries must have a minimum word count of 300.

New Recruit: Depict your beanling helping someone with their natural prowess,
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling aiding someone else who is struggling with a natural problem. This could be anything from helping someone with their garden to helping them change the natrual environment around them. 


- Art must not be reused.
- Art must be at least clean sketched and flat coloured.
- Backgrounds are required unless otherwise stated.
- Written entries have a minimum word count of 600 Words per prompt unless otherwise stated.
- Your entry will only apply for one beanling which you must state in the comments, however, you can include other characters.