Pawn Token Conversion

Created: 2 October 2020, 16:00:31 UTC
Last updated: 2 October 2020, 16:00:31 UTC

About Pawn Tokens and item conversion


Welcome to Pawn Token conversion, here you can find all available information on what Pawn Tokens are and how to convert them.

What is a Pawn Token?

Pawn Tokens are a non-transferable user currency that can be spent specifically in the Pawn Shop.

How do you get Pawn Tokens?

To get pawn tokens, you must first have crafting material items you'd like to pawn. Almost every item in the game can be converted into pawn tokens via the box conversion mechanic. So if you find yourself with 10 Small Empty Vials, you can convert them into Pawn Tokens to exchange for useful crafting materials!

How do I convert my items?

Simply click the item you'd like to convert in your inventory. Select "Open Box". Click "Open". Then you will find your item is now Pawn Tokens in your bank. Please be certain when converting your items as this action cannot be reversed once commited. 

Where can I spend Pawn Tokens/ What can I buy with Pawn Tokens?

You can spend your Pawn Tokens in the Pawn Shop. You can find almost every crafting material in the game in the Pawn shop.

What are the conversion rates?

You can find item values in the item descriptions. Item costs vary depending on the ingredients used to make them and rarity.