World: Prism Vale

Created: 30 May 2020, 23:20:48 UTC
Last updated: 31 October 2021, 03:12:26 UTC

About Prism Vale, home of the Beanlings.

Where can you find Beanling?

Beanlings can exist in any place that sentient creatures reside. However, they also have their own pocket dimension which they call home, Prism Vale.

Getting to Prism Vale.

All Beanlings can travel to Prism Vale. However, they can only travel from their current world to Prism Vale at dusk. A beanling must sleep inside a flower as it closes for the day. The Beanling must then dream of their home and then awakens in Prism Vale!

What is Prism Vale?

Prism Vale is located inside a pocket dimension. It is made up of a seven giant floating islands, each held up by clouds. It is a generally serene place where the sky is always a mixture of soft pastels, often times a rainbow is present. The islands all have their own distinct looks.

World Map:

Rosa Island:

Rosa Island is the main island and the main hub for the Beanling community. It is mostly a pinkish colour with a lot of the natural flora and landscape being of a pink hue. It is also home to Prism Vale's biggest city, Kaleido City. Kaleido City is so named because it is vibrant and colourful. The buildings are a rainbow of colours and made with materials imported for all seven islands. It is usually busy with many merchants filling the streets trying to sell their wares. The highlight is of course, the Rainbow Castle, the home of the Beanling royal family.

Jesen Island:

This orange island is earthy by nature, the soil is a dark brown and the trees are an array of orange and yellow leaves. The soil is extremely rich and used for farming, the source being a giant dormant volcano in the centre of the island.

Solei Island:

Solei is a sunny island, it is mostly made up of sand. It is desert-like in nature with sparse oasis spotting the land. The outer edges of the island are tropical beaches with the water pouring off the clouds. The water(dew) is a manifestation of strong magic and thus the supply is endless. Bathing in the dew can restore an exhausted beanling as well as give them a temporary magic boost.

Viridian Island:

Viridian Island is made up of dense forests, they are a mixture of tropical and temperate. It is also hills and mountains.

Versii Island:

Versii is a cold island that occasionally has bouts of snow. It is famous for its significant build up of magic which manifests as giant floating balls of dew. These balls crystalize during winter. The crystallized dew is utilized during the New Year Festival to put on a magnificent light display with flowerlings using magic to illuminate the balls creating a disco ball-like effect. The night sky of Azul tends to bleed over to Versii making it both night and day interchangeably.

Azul Island:

Known as the Night Land, Azul Island is a dark blue in complexion with the sky permanently displaying the night. Stars cover the sky as well as the land as they regularly fall. Beanlings can collect the stars to use in many things from food to items. The land is also spotted with bioluminescent fungus. At the centre of the island there is a giant canyon. Many caves line the canyon leading to gemstone veins, but also monsters! Slimes and spiderlings have been known to spawn in the caves and attack unsuspecting beanlings. Caution is advised for explorers!

Lila Island:

This island is purple is colour. It’s sky is a permanently dusk. It is the nightlife of the beanlings with a party happening every day. Many beanlings come here to enjoy the rich foods and drinks on offer as well as enjoy some dancing, singer and general merriment. Beanlings also come here in order to travel to different dimensions. The process of leaving is similar to arriving. A beanling must sleep inside a flower as it closes for the day, then they must dream of the place they wish to travel.