The Prowler Privateers

Created: 3 June 2020, 16:36:41 UTC
Last updated: 4 August 2022, 05:31:01 UTC


"Arghhh! Ye look like ya got a talent of... questionable nature. Ai could use a talent such as yours."


This is the place where you can learn all about the Prowler Privateers Guild, who they are, and how to join!

Who are the Prowler Privateers?

The Prowler Privateers are a band of merry beanlings who some would say are a little naughty, but not usually harmful! They usually don't feel they fit in well with other guilds with more defined purposes, as they are less about rules and more about fun.  Some of them are rather sneaky and mischievous, preferring to prank than help. Some like to adventure on the cloud seas without the commitment of a cause or other purpose. Whatever you enjoy, you can do so with leisure with the Privateers!

Guild Details

Guild Leader: Ocean
Headquarters: Versii Island
Guild Colours: Black, Silver and White.
Guild Emblem:
The emblem is most commonly depicted as a silver or white fox with a black mask. The mask is inspired by a pirates tricorne, though can be any shape.

How to Join

In order to join this guild you must first complete the following prompts:

Civillian: Depict your beanling doing something mischievous.
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling doing something mischievous or that they enjoy most. This activity does not have to be illegal or frowned upon by society, though it can be questionable. Perhaps they are pranking an unsuspecting friend or maybe they are sailing the high seas on their "privateer" ship. Maybe they are spending just a little bit too much time chasing grumpy familiars. Maybe they secretly bought a whole box of chocolate and intend to eat it all by themselves!

Prospective Member: Depict your beanling having fun or being themselves!
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling having fun or being themselves.  Maybe they just want to sleep all day? Or maybe they are exploring the high seas. Maybe they hosting a party and all the food is crazy? What is fun for your beanling?

Initiate Member: Depict your beanling showing off their Prowler Privateers attire!
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling wearing an outfit or apparel inspired by the Prowler Privateers. You must at least have the guild emblem somewhere on the design. Backgrounds are not required for this prompt, and written entries must have a minimum word count of 300.

New Recruit: Depict your beanling helping someone with their questionable skills. 
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling aiding someone else who is struggling with a natural problem. This could be anything from helping someone  pick the lock to their door when they left the key inside to knowing just where to find questionable but needed materials.


- Art must not be reused.
- Art must be at least clean sketched and flat coloured.
- Backgrounds are required unless otherwise stated.
- Written entries have a minimum word count of 600 Words per prompt.
- Your entry will only apply for one beanling which you must state in the comments, however, you can include other characters.