The Sporting Tournament

Created: 1 June 2020, 21:53:46 UTC
Last updated: 31 October 2021, 03:15:02 UTC

The Sporting Tournament Quest


The monthly local sporting tournament has come to town once again. Your beanling is excited to enter and prove their skills, after all, they have been practicing all month! What kind of sport will they be playing? Are they fencing or jousting?  Maybe they are showing off their muscles by weightlifting! Maybe they like to race! What is your beanlings chosen sport?

About the Gaming Tournament:

This tournament is monthly and is a display of the strongest beanlings in Prism Vale. It is held in a variety of locations. It is always decorated with banners announcing the “Sporting Tournament!” and is treated almost like a mini festival. Many beanlings come out to cheer for their friends and family who have entered.

About this Quest:

If you participate in this quest you have the opportunity to advance to a second prompt which will count as one of your monthly quests if you chose to accept. You do not need to continue the quest if you do not want to. You can only submit 1 entry for the tournament per beanling per month unless you advance the quest.