Created: 30 May 2020, 23:24:14 UTC
Last updated: 31 October 2021, 03:10:53 UTC

Sprouting Lore


Traditional Creation:

Traditionally, Beanlings are a type of fairy creature that are born from a wish. The wish manifests as a ribbon infused with magical script (the wish) and forms a bean sprout. The bean sprout then sprouts a head, stumpy arms, ears, feelers, hair and wings. A dew drop is their caught in the ears and awakens the beanling. They are typically born inside flowers though they can occasionally spawn out of the thin air if the wish is strong enough. Their wish can be made from any sentient creatures wish and new Beanlings can be born this way year round. Beanlings cannot reproduce like most creatures as they lack definite gendered traits.



However, every year, around the time of the new year and at the height of the romantic and magical season; Many beanlings are overcome with the desire to connect and combine with another. Two flowerlings will come together and participate in a ritual that will combine both their magic and desires into a new wish. The process creates a brand new beanling sprout, which is quickly infused with their parents wish and magic and immediately blossoms into a new beanling. This is the only way beanlings are able to reproduce by themselves. However, this ability is only available for one month a year; outside of the sprouting month all new beanlings are simply made from other creatures wishes.


Family and Relationships:

Beanlings born from Sprouting can have a range of relationships with their parents, some are not close while others form a tight knit family unit. Beanlings are naturally close creatures and usually find a sense of family within their community that fits them. Flowerlings are known to take on adoptive and mentoring rolls for new beanlings regardless of their creation origin. Beanlings do not typically feel the need to solidly define their relationships and are open to experiencing many things with their friend, families and lovers.