Bean Disabilities

Created: 1 August 2023, 03:52:11 UTC
Last updated: 1 August 2023, 04:14:32 UTC

Just like us, sometimes beans find themselves to be a little different from a lot of their peers. Some beans sprout this way while others may have traumatic experiences later in life that lead to these differences. 

Sensory disabilities

Much like humans, beans can have all variety of sensory disabilities. Unlike humans, beans have a sixth sense that is enabled by their feelers. Their feelers allow them to more easily process the emotions of the beans around them. While beans without feelers or with damaged feelers may be able to process other's emotions without issue, many find it hard to read and express emotions.  Just like us, each bean works with their disability in their own way. Mute, deaf, and blind beans all can communicate with various signed and tactile languages, for example. Many beans who have sensory disabilities also employ the aid of trained Service Familiars! Much like service dogs, they can aid with a number of disabilities! 

Mobility Disabilities

Some beans may find that they have a difference that make it hard to match their peers' pace. Missing limbs and an inability to fly are two of the most common mobility issues beans face, and both have  solutions! When a bean finds themself missing a limb, there are several routes they can take. Some like technological prosthetics while other prefer more plant-based magical prosthetics. Some beans simply replace the limb as needed with a magical facimile, or move what they need to with magic. 

Beans that have a hard time flying or cannot fly at all can utilize wheelchairs if they prefer to stay close to the ground, but many prefer to use a lighter than air balast device that can be used to help them fly.


Misplaced Essence

Some beans find themselves with the condition of misplaced essence. As the name would suggest, this happens when a bean has dew or corruption in places they wouldn't normally. Somtimes, this doesn't affect the bean at all and may simply allow them a greater pool of energy to draw from. For some beans however, this condition can be debilitating. Having a small amount of dew in a location where it cannot be easily absorbed can lead to lethargy and make it very hard to recover from injury or illness. Having too much dew around, on the other hand, can cause insomnia and uncontrolable magic outbursts. Neither one is pleasent. Further research is being done in to this condition. 



While Prism Vale's more populated areas are relatively danger free, the rest of the Vale and other outside worlds are not always so forgiving. Beans are incredibly resilient, much like plants. Even the most grevious injuries, such as severed limbs, can be healed and regrown with time and essence. However, if a bean sustains too many injuries at once, or cannot collect enough essence to regenerate, they can be left with permanent scarring and injury. 

Invisible disabilities

Beans, just like us, can also have invisible disabilities, be it emotional, mental, learning, or processing based. We will not be touching on this in this guide, as for the most part, they are invisible to the eye and this is to help in bean design.  Please keep depictions respectful, especially if you do not have personal experience with the disorders or disabilities you are portraying.