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Halloween Treats

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Ends: 31 October 2021, 23:00:00 UTC (4 days from now)

Submit your Halloween gifts here! See Description for details.


Halloween Treats

This activity is relatively simple: Draw gift art of a beanling belonging to another player with either a Halloween themed item or candy. 

Prompt Guidelines:

Entry Window: 1/10/21 - 31/10/21 23:00 UTC. 

Completion Reward:  1 x Trick or Treat Box*
*You may claim this reward once per day for the duration of the event.

- Must be at minimum a clean sketched headshot.
- Colouring is optional as long as the character is recognisable.
- Does not require a background (But that might be nice).
- You may submit art created by you or art that you have commissioned as a gift for someone else (Artist cannot claim the reward, only the commissioner.)
- You may submit new gift art daily to claim the reward, please try to make sure there is 24 hours between your submissions. 
- Please make sure to fill out the following form in the comment section:



Reward Amount
Trick or Treat Box 1


No skill increase.

Stat & Level Rewards

No user rewards.
No character rewards.
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