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Magic Adept Skill

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Please submit your "Magic Adept" Skill claim entries here.


This prompt awards your character the "Magic Adept" skill. 

Please read before submitting.

In order to qualify for this skill, you must have a Magic Adept Skill Token. You may only claim this skill once per character.

You can acquire an Magic Adept Skill Token from the following sources:

  • Reward for Unlocking the Magic Adept research tree for the first time.
  • Crafting via the Magic Adept Token Recipe awarded by the Magic Adept research tree.


How to submit:

  1. Select “Magic Adept Skill” from the prompt list.
  2. Leave the Submission URL Blank.
  3. Please add “I’m a Magic Adept” into the comment section to verify you have read these instructions. Submissions without this comment will be declined.
  4. Add the character code for the character you wish to gain the skill and remember to tick the focus character box. Please only add one character. Submissions with multiple characters will be declined.
  5. Under Your Inventory, click the show button and find your Magic Adept Token and click the checkbox to add it to your submission. Submissions without a Magic Adept Token will be declined. 
  6. Submit and you’re done!


No rewards.


Skill Amount
Magic Adept 100

Stat & Level Rewards

No user rewards.
No character rewards.
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