Submission (#798) Approved

3 July 2022, 05:30:25 UTC (2 months ago)
5 July 2022, 22:39:54 UTC (2 months ago) by Ceru


Word Count 1337

Tier 1: Word count reaches 400: 1 Beans
Tier 2: Word count reaches 500: 1 Beans
Tier 3: Word count reaches 600: 1 Beans
Tier 4: Word count reaches 800: 2 Beans
Tier 5: Word count reaches 1000: 2 Beans


Reward Amount
Mysterious Stone 1
Starfall Ticket 3
Body Potion 1
Kitten Plush - Void 1
Beans 10


Skill Amount

Stat & Level Rewards

User Rewards
1 user EXP
0 user points
Character Rewards
1 character EXP
0 character points

Bonus Rewards

User Rewards
No bonus user EXP
No bonus user points
Character Rewards
No bonus character EXP
No bonus character points


Thumbnail for MYO-BEAN-0030: Fred

MYO-BEAN-0030: Fred

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for BEAN-0082: Akira

BEAN-0082: Akira

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for BEAN-00152: Alice

BEAN-00152: Alice

Reward Amount


These items have been removed from the submitter's inventory and will be refunded if the request is rejected or consumed if it is approved.

Item Source Notes Quantity

Revpup's Bank

Currency Quantity