Versii Academy of Magic

Notable Location inside Versii Island

Can be home to both users and characters.


Welcome to Versii Academy of Magic

Versii Academy is one of only two magic schools in Prism Vale. It is located in a small castle just outside Safferton.


The school is much smaller than its Soleii counterpart, however, this has allowed them to offer more personalized study wit small classrooms and even private tutoring. They come highly praised for those who prefer a more independent or secluded atmosphere of study. The excess dew on the island allows for easy manipulation of magic with little risk of exhaustion, thus making it an ideal place to learn and practice magic.


Facilities include a small tower that houses up to 50 students, a Staff housing tower with up to 20 staff, private study halls and rooms, personal laboratories, a dining hall, a greenhouse and 3 small libraries. While it lacks some of the specific resources of Soleii, Versii offers great general resources for magic study and it is often possible to import specialty items like rare tomes and ingredients.


Basic Fauna: Golems