Cloud Sea

Notable Location


welcome to The cloud sea

The Cloud Sea, also known as Cloud Ocean and the Great Unknown, refers to the clouds that envelop the seven islands of Prism Vale. These clouds extend in all directions infinitely. It is considered dangerous to venture out of sight of the main islands as the clouds can be extremely hard to navigate without getting lost. The clouds themselves vary in colour and texture, with most being a collection of dew moisture, but a rare few are also fluffy like cotton! 


A beanling can easily traverse the Cloud Sea between islands. The time it takes depends on the beanling and the fluctuation of the dimensional magic at a given time. Some beanlings also use flight enchanted vehicles to travel through the Cloud Sea, including; hot air balloons, zeppelins, boats, ships, submarines, greater familiars that fly (Dragons, pegasus, griffins, etc), carriages, flying carpets, etc. 


Hidden among the clouds are mysterious, small islands that appear in and out of existence in a similar fashion to the Mysterious Library. They can appear in different locations and can be made of random materials including; slime, gems, water, rocks, etc. If you’re lucky, some islands even hide treasure. However, they might also have traps and monsters.


Greater Fauna: Dragon