Livre explores the mysterious library - Part 3

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Livre explores the mysterious library - Part 3
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Using her quick wit and skill, Livre finally captures the flying book with the wings, but upon being captured the book went still, lost it's wings and all four of the books suddenly stopped flying and fell into the vast darkness below, curious, Livre  turned the book over and started flipping through the pages, Livre was unfamiliar with the strange language it was written in,  it was, however, filled with lots of diagrams and charts Livre vaguely recalls viewing similar designs in some of her school library's magic books, in the back of the book Livre happens to also find a small hand written note.

It reads the following:

"To my dear friend,

  I hope this letter one day finds you, I have left my collection to you, under the statue of the mighty owlbear in the depths of my personal library, You will know it when you see it.

Kind regards, Ki...."

Livre had difficulty reading the last letters of the name, because they had been smudged beyond comprehension, the hand writing was familiar to her, but Livre just couldn't remember if she had any friends with those letters together in their name.

She decided to go search for the statue, it didn't take her very long to find it, since she apparently passed right by it several times when she was trying to capture the flying book, she didn't take much notice of it at the time.

It was on the top of a circular bookshelf, Livre imspected it up close before turning her attention to the bookshelves underneath the statue...


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