Cash/Merch Shop Update

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Hey everyone!

I believe I finally have a solution to all the issues I've been having with the cash shop plus I have some small updates for anyone interested. Details below:

Merch Shop:

- Teespring merchandise shop: 

- Purchase t-shirts, sweaters, jumpers, long sleeve shirts, phone cases, die cut stickers, bags, posters and mugs here!

- Will be updated with new designs every couple of months. If you'd like to support Toffee or just show off your love for beanlings this will be the main place to do so!

- Items purchased from this store are made and handled by Teespring, meaning Toffee-tama is not physically involved in making or shipping these items. These items are shipped from the US and some items are only available in the US.

Cash Shop:

- Cash shop tab has been re-added to the shop menu.

- Store link:

- This is the place to buy items for the Beanling Patch game including MYO tokens and items. 

- You can also purchase certain special merchandise personally from Toffee-tama here including: enamel pins, 6x4" prints, badge pins and custom art! 

- Merchandise from this store is physically made and/or handled by Toffee-tama including packaging and shipping. These items are shipped from Australia.


Small update:

So with the cash/merch shop pretty much settled, I feel like I don't really have to worry about it anymore. The problem I was having with the shopify store was the monthly cost vs sales, however, I have moved to cash shop to  a free e-commerce platform that allows me to do most of the same things, but for free. The only downside being the lack of customization with the site layout, but I think that that's an ok trade off all things considered.  Also, I think I've made the design not 100% terrible, so it should be fine ahaha. 

In other news, Halloween is fast approching! If you haven't been in the discord, I've had my arm twisted into making an event for October. So please do look forward to something a little special for Halloween <3

Also just a heads up that there is also going to be an Winter Wonderland Event this December again. I'm not 100% on the details, but EC will be awarded for this event. I will also be collaborating with the lovely Ceruleansblues for the Winter advent! We are super excited to be working together and bringing you some cool winter designs!

Have a lovely day everyone!



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