MYO + Prompt Update

Posted 3 years ago :: Last edited 3 years ago by admin

Hello everyone! Just a small update for some recent changes.

- MYO tokens are now Pawn Token convertable, meaning you can now "open" you MYO tokens to convert them into Pawn Tokens. Their values have been added to their item descriptions.

- Going forward, monthly prompt entries will be accepted around 24-72hrs after submission instead of at the end of the month as previously done. This is to keep things more organized on the admin side.

- Just a reminder than you can make up to 3 entries for this months prompt! That means you can earn up to 3 times the rewards!

- Also a heads up that Novemeber will be a casual month with only the regular monthly prompt, however, December will be Winter Wonderland once again!

Thank you! - Toffee



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