Site Upgrades 8/11/20

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Hello everyone!

It's been a rocky 8 days, but finally all the new new updates are here and the site should be working 100% (though let me know in the discord error chat if you find any!) Hopefully this is the last updates for a while and I have learnt quite a bit so I'm better prepared for next update whenever it is (hopefully not for ages plz!)


  • Gallery:
    • This has been the major update, adding a art gallery to the site!
      • Submit all your beanling related artworks and writing to the site Gallery!
      • Browse the different galleries for specific artworks.
      • Upload both art and writing. 
      • Add a title and description of your work. You can also add collaborators and participants (for things like art trades!)
      • List content warnings, tag related prompts and add your displayed characters.
      • Favourite works you like and add comments!
      • Post thumbnails via the Mention This links located on the right bottom side of works.
  • Characters:
    • Add a profile link in your characters profile (eg: toyho.use link.).
    • Chose to allow gift art and gift writing via character profile. This will display a status icon at the top of your characters information page.
    • Set your characters trading status via character profile. This will display a status icon at the top of your characters information page.
  • Scavenger Hunts:
    • This feature allows for the creation of fun little scavenger hunts on the site!
    • A clue will be created and special links with hunt targets will be added around the site.
    • Hunt targets are items with a specified quantity. They are granted to the user on being claimed, and can only be claimed once. Each target is assigned a number, 1-10, per hunt, based on the order they are added to the hunt. Targets can be deleted so long as the hunt has not had any participants, as doing so after would break the logs. Users will also be shown the number of targets they have found out of the total, so make sure you have only the number of targets desired before the hunt goes live!
  • Reports:
    • There are currently links on all pages that allow users to make bug or complaint reports. However, this feature is currently still a WIP and is closed.


Regarding other things:

There is not new monthly prompt for Novemeber due to all the site issues. However, that means that all the October events including BOSS have been extended until the end of Novemeber! You may also submit up to 6 entries for the monthly prompt!

Design updates and MYO approvals are also now open once again.

Also, be on the look out for information regarding a special Beanling Patch secret santa MYO exchange being run by the lovely Spottednova and Ceruleans_blues!

That should be most things covered. Thank you everyone!



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