Update: 5/8/20

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Hello everyone!

I have some terrible news. Unfortunately while attempting to update the site to include character inventories and item stacks, something went wrong and the sign was deleted. All accounts and items were erased so what should have taken an hour or two at max has resulted in 8+ hours of trying to fix and recover information.

Due to this, some parts of the site remain down and have not been able to recover. 

Things effected:

- All user accounts were deleted and were not recoverable. This means that everyone who had an account will have to remake their accounts and re-link their deviantart accounts. It is uncertain if your characters will automatically return or if they will have to be manually transferred. 

- Clicking the masterlist gives a 500 error. However, character information is still saved, you just can't view them at this time.

- All past news posts have been deleted. This makes me incredibly sad as this included some update logs and past events.

- All items were deleted and had to be manually re-uploaded. All items are currently missing their descriptions but will be added back over the new few days.

- All inventories were removed due to the items being deleted. This means that your bank and inventories will be empty. However, your currency (bank) logs should be available to view. Your purchase history (but not your inventory item logs) should also be available for each shop. This means that your items and currency is manually recoverable. All you need to do is screenshot all your logs and PM them to Toffee-tama on Discord so I can manually return all your items.

- All the prompts were deleted. This means all the main prompts will need to be re-uploaded. This month's prompt has already been re-uploaded.

- All loot tables were deleted. Since the items that made up the tables were deleted, all table information has also been erased and will need to be re-uploaded over the next few days.

- All traits were deleted. They will need to be manually re-uploaded. It's unsure if this has affected the masterlist entries as they are currently not viewable.

With all these issues, please be patient as it will be at least a week or two before the site can be returned to normal. You will still be able to work on your prompts, however, please wait until the next update to submit.

As an apology for the inconvenience, all users will be awarded 10EC when they recover their inventories.

Thank you - Toffee-tama



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