Winter Wonderland Advent

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What's this? A flyer flutters into your face as the winter wind sweeps through Prism Vale. You grab and and see the following:

It looks like there's a new Winter Wonderland Advent Calender this year! Oh, and it seems to be extra special as it features not only the talented Ceruleans_Blues, but also 2 special collaborations between Ceru and Toffee!

Event details

Day 1: 1st December

Theme: Ice Fairies

Sale Type: Free Raffle (Winners announced on 25th!)

Artist: Toffee-tama


Day 2: 3rd December

Theme:  The Rat King (Winner announced on 25th!)

Sale Type: Offer to Adopt

Artist: Ceruleans_Blues


Day 3: 7th December

Theme: The Nutcracker

Sale Type: Auction

Artist: Toffee-tama


Day 4: 10th December

Theme: Sugar Plum Fairy

Sale Type: Auction

Artist: Ceruleans_Blues


Day 5: 14th December

Theme:  The Snow Fairy

Sale Type:  Auction

Artist: Toffee-tama


Day 6: 18th December

Theme: Christmas Lights

Sale Type: Auction

Artist: Collab by Toffee and Ceru


Day 7: 21st December

Theme:  Snow Globe

Sale Type: Auction

Artist: Collab by Toffee and Ceru


Day 8: 24th December

Theme: Christmas Eve

Sale Type: Auction

Artist: Ceruleans-Blues


Day 9:  26th December

Theme:  Cozy Scarf

Sale Type:  30USD Flat Sale Raffle

Artist: Toffee-tama


Day 10: 28th December

Theme:  Winter Sweets

Sale Type: Flat Sale Raffle

Artist: Ceruleans_Blues


Day 11: 31st December

Theme: New Years Eve

Sale Type: Auction

Artist: Ceruleans_Blues


Sale Details

  • Due to the nature of the holidays, there isn't any way to know how busy Toffee-tama will be on any given day. Therefore each sale will be posed on the day listed whenever Toffee-tama is available to do so, thus no set time is listed. There will be some notice in the discord for auctions.
  • Auctions will end after the last bid has stood uncontested for 24hrs.
  • All flat sales will be held as raffles, therefore allowing everyone interested a chance to enter. There will be 48hrs to enter with the winner drawn in the discord withing 24hrs.
  • All sales are subject to the usual sales rules found in the TOS here.
  • General rule of thumb, all payments are to be made within 24hrs unless dicussed prior. 
  • Payments plans are available for purchases over 200USD with a 25% deposit required. 




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