Site Upgrades 29/12/20

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Hello everyone!

Once again we've had a rocky last couple of days with some update issues, however, everything is now resolved and the site is back up with some new features!



  • Character Transfers:
    • Add a reason field to user-initiated character transfers, please make sure to add a reason when transfering characters!

  • Credit Page:
    • Credits Page/Extension Tracker: Adds a credit page and extension tracking system. Includes credits for extensions merged into core as well as a system for adding credit for additional extensions added to a site. Basically it shows the credits for everyone who has worked on the code for the site in some way! Big shout out to the lorekeeper community!
  • Reports:
    • There are currently links on all pages that allow users to make bug or complaint reports. There is also a option to submit a report under submit next to your user menu and there is also access to bug reports from the left hand submit option. Reports are now open so if you find anything that is broken or against the group rules please feel free to submit via the site!
  • Misc:
    • MYO slots cannot be transferred to off-site users.
    • Fixed issue where User profile inventory display shows items with a count of 0.


Also just a remindert that there's only a few days left to complete this months prompts!

That should be most things covered. Thank you everyone!



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