Site Upgrades 11/1/21

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Hello everyone!

For once the updates did not mess up and everything went smoothly, well, for the most part, there is of course a small error. 



  • Character Transfers:
    • Issue with transfers has been fixed, feel free to initiate transfers once again!

  • Advent Calendar:
    • A fun new activity has been added to the site for future events. This feature allows admin to create an advent calendar that can be accessed by players for a set amount of days. Each day can award a specified prize, meaning that during advent events players will be able to log in daily to receive a free item or currency. It also has and option to allow for a bonus prize for collecting all prizes. I look forward to using this feature in the future!
  • Shops:
    • New shop feature: Coupons! 
    • Coupons can be used in certain shops to give discounts. This features will be set up in the future.
    • Restricted Shop access: Item requirements to enter!
    • This feature allows the creation of a shop that can only be accessed if a user has the required item. I have an idea for a secret Pirate's Bounty shop that can only be accessed if you have a legendary key (will be legendary and super rare) The shop will have special items yet to be determined and beans!
  • Character Drops:
    • NPCs will now be able to potentially drop mystery boxes! This feature will be applied to Flowerling NPCs only. Every day, all flowerling NPCs will have a 10% chance to drop a Myster Wheel Box(Temp) - Has 100% drop rate), the other 90% will drop nothing. Simply clicking on their masterlist entry will automatically award their item, however, you can also check your prize by clicking on the NPC and checking their new tab COLLECT NPC DAILY GIFTS. This will show the prize awarded for the day. The prize also appears next to their species name on their information page like so:
      Flowerling (NPC) (NPC Gift: Nothing!)
    • Periodically the prize given will be changed to fit current events.
  • Linages and Links:
    • Characters who have offical lineage (Sprouting beanlings and their parents) Will now have their lineage offically tracked on site (not just in the description box). Due to the number, this process may take some time, however, lineages will be updated soon. This will be used to track parent, children/siblings and grandparents.
    • Characters can now also be linked together. This feature is pretty much the same as the links feature used on if anyone is familiar.
    • You simply click on the links tab on your characters page and select Request Link. Here you can add characters you wish to link by using their character code (eg: BEAN-00##). Characters you own will auto-link and not require approval, approval will be require if the beanling is owned by another user. Once your link is request and approved, you can set your relationship status and write a quick blurb describing the characters relationship. You may do this for both characters and can even set the relationship to a different status per character  (eg: one thinks of the other as a friend while the other is crushing.)
  • Misc:
    • There is a pets feature that is currently not in use due to a coding error. I am unsure when this feature will be usable, so stay tuned. 
  • Known issues:
    • There is currently a known issue where clicking on notifications (next to the submit button on the right side) gives a 500 error. This is being worked on.


Also, just a quick note, if you guys have any questions about the group lore or anything relating to beanlings, please feel free to leave a comment with your question. I am planning to delve deeper into beanling lore and their world and start to flesh out some things this year so it would be nice to know if anyone has anything in particular they would like to know!

That should be most things covered. Thank you everyone!



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