Update 5/2/21

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Hey everyone!

Just a small update to let you all know what is happening!

At the moment there is a back-end issue with claims/submissions. This means that submissions cannot currently be processed. This issue is being worked on but it seems to be more complex than usual. However, submissions are still open so please do submit if you have finished a prompt, there will just be a delay with receiving your rewards.

The above issue is similarly, but not quite the same in effect on the local test server. The reason for the test server issues relate to the upcoming Levels and Stats extension. However, once that issue is fixed it is hopeful that the live site issue will also be fixed.

There will be an upcoming update in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed there will be no issues. The following features are going to be implemented:

  • Levels and Stats: Adds both player and character levels and stats. Will include a feature to gain experience from prompts and quests. Currently in the middle of playing around with the feature on local, I would like to maybe transition the stats into this feature with the potential ability to increase your characters stats directly through prompt/quest XP. If this is possible, it would be a long term goal feature, meaning that XP rewards will be low and XP required will be high. That way both potions and growths will not become obsolete. However, it will give yet another option for players to progress their characters.
  • Event Tools: Adds another event style to the site, it will run similarly to the BOSS event on discord, except run on site and it will include an event tracker!
  • Sellable Characters: Allows characters to be handed into the adoption centre and adds the ability to exchange your character for currency (in-game only). In turn, I also believe it adds the ability to buy characters from the adoption centre.
  • Awards: Not sure about this feature, could be a possible alternative for achievements?
  • Crafting: A new system for crafting which you complete recipes and receive the item directly rather than using the prompts system. 
  • Hopefully we can also get character drops working properly.

I also want to notify everyone of the adopt schedule for this month and next:

  • There will be 3 public auction adoptables this month (Feb), two on the 14th Feb for Valentines and one on the 20th Feb as late Chinese New year.
  • There will be 1 Patreon exclusive adopt as per usual.
  • Sprouting information will be posted on the first of March. It will be run basically the same as last year except on the site! We will also be having Cerulean-blues as a guest artist! That means at least one additional pairing will be picked per week!

Once again thank you so much everyone for your patience with the site! I hope you all have a lovely day!



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