Update 25/2/21

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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! I am just checking in to let everyone know about the recent site updates/errors. Hopefully this will be the last major update for a few months and all existing errors will be fixed soon too.

Patch notes:

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the submission errors including submission processing, prompt view and form.
  • Fixed 419 login errors temporarily.  This error will still persist during maintenance, it is actively being worked on to find a permanent solution.
  • Character upload error is fixed, regular character and myo creation is working as well as design updates.
Known Issues:
  • While 419 login error is fixed, new users are not able to connect their Deviantart accounts and attempts will result in a 500 error. As a temporary measure, if you are attempting to connect your DA account please reach out to Toffee-tama via discord so she can switch the current server settings to allow you to connect. Upon connection the server will have to be reverted so that other users can login. There is currently no working state in which both options work at the same time. This is actively being worked on and is the main priority.
  • MYO Tokens give a "Failed to use slot." error message when users try to use them. This is an error resulting from the current MYO slot tag code not being coded to include the newly added stats and levels extension. Waiting on word from the creator in order to try fix this issue. This means that MYO tokens temporarily cannot be converted into usable MYO slots.
  • Toggle Spoiler
    Currently unable to create new account due to an error saying that "The g-recaptcha-response field is required". This is by the recently added Captcha V3 feature which is designed to reduce bot accounts, however, it isn't quite working. If it cannot be fixed soon than it will have to be removed. This is actively being worked on.

    This issue is fixed, but if it is affecting you please reach out asap.

New extensions:

Levels and Stats:

  • Added the levels and stats extension which allows users and characters to have levels and for characters to have stats.
  • This feature will be actively usable from April onwards and allows the following:
    • Users can gain EXP from completing prompts and quests. User rewards will include ingame items like beans, equipment and collectables. There is not currently exact reward information or requirement information.
    • Characters can gain EXP from being selected as the focus character in prompt and quest submissions. There will be 20 levels for beanlings and flowerlings. Upon reaching level EXP requirements, beanlings and flowerlings will be able to receive 1 stat point which can be put into either Mind or Body stat. Stat point rewards will be available from level 2 - level 10 allowing a user to level one stat from 1-10 or both stats to 5. Level 11- level 20 will award equipment and potions. Exact details are to be determined.


  • Recipes will be replacing the current crafting prompts. Recipes will be added soon and will allow users to automatically craft their own items. To access recipes once they become available simply click activities -> crafting. Your available recipes can be found here. If you have the required items, you will be able to craft your desired item.


  • Awards feature will potentially be a replacement from achievements, though it is still being decided.

Research Trees:

  • Research trees have been added! However, they are currently unavailable as they are yet to be fully developed in terms of exact content. The current idea for them will be similar to the idea of the job system initially intended for the game (and replaced with guilds). There will be a couple of broadly defined job options, eg. Magic, Martial, which will then branch out into slightly more defined options, which in turn will lead down to specialty trees.
  • Eg. You chose the magic research tree, which then gives you the option to research: Alchemy, Elements, Healing, Combat. You then chose the alchemy tree which will give you options to research potions or items. You chose the potion tree and each level of research will then unlock special recipes with discounts. Or say you research items, which will unlock special item recipes with discounts. Pretty much, the idea will be once you have decided on a specialty you can unlock perks (mainly in the form of recipe discounts).  This idea is still a WIP but will hopefully be rolled out alongside Stats and Levels.
  • Your research trees are account bound and you will be able to specialize in more than one tree. Infact, if you're dedicated you can unlock all research available if so desired.

Event Tools: 

  • Event tools will allow us to run BOSS style events on site and will add a point tracker system. 


  • Sprouting information will be posted very soon, I hope everyone is excited!
  • I will also be working on adding more group lore pages in the coming months, mainly from April onwards. I plan on fleshing out the world and doing some more promotional artworks.

Thanks once again for your patience. I really appreciate everyone being so calm despite the many issues with the site. I'm trying my best to work through all the issues, however, I am not a developer or coder so it is quite difficult. However, I know we will get there eventually.

Thank you!



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