Crafting Update!

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Hello everyone!

Just a small update regarding the new crafting recipe system.

  • All recipes have now been added to the game! You can view all recipes here!
  • You can also access your recipes under activities -> Crafting link in the navigation bar. It's also accessible under Crafting in your inventory.
  • You can now automatically craft your items at your discretion without having to wait on claims or prompt submissions. All you need is the have the required items.
  • In order to keep things clean, the plushie recipes (Basic and Greater) now award plushie tickets of the specified rarity. These can be used in the Sweet Plushie Shop to purchase your desired plushies.
  • Added the Sweet Plushie Shop and Basic Plushie Ticket and Greater Plushie Ticket currencies. 
  • As a part of the crafting balancing, the collectables category has been split into two: Basic Collectables and Greater Collectables. This is because of the requirements of the Basic and Greater Familiar recipes which require misc 5 common/rare plushies respectively. 
  • You must have all required items to craft a recipe otherwise nothing will happen and the page will just refresh.
Misc News

So once the sprouting flaffle is over, I will be taking a break from the adoptable side of things. This simply means that April and May will only have 2-3 adoptables by Toffee-tama. Then from June to August Toffee-tama will not be releasing any adopts (Apart from the Patreon exclusive). However, guest artists will be making adopts during this time, namely our moderator Cerulean_blues!

During this break, Toffee-tama will be working on more personal art as well as focusing on the following:

  • Updating any missing site artwork.
  • Adding new site artwork. Eg. adding more shop logos, character page decorations for information pages, etc.
  • Rebuilding the site in order to fix the existing issues (mainly the DA link issue). This will hopefully not affect use of the site as the rebuild will be done via the local with the expectation that the rebuild patch should take 24-48hrs only to transfer.
  • Add more lore pages and lore in general, including island artworks.
  • Implement Stats and Levels.
  • Add research trees.
  • Update any links that may lead outside the site.
  • Streamlining the sites navigation bar.
  • Other misc things to enhance the group and site.

If things go smoothly, the site should be looking pretty awesome, more user friendly and fun!



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