Site Upgrades 2/4/21

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Hey everyone!

Toffee-tama here with some good news! Site maintenance has gone off without a hitch! What does this mean?

Bug Fixes:

  • The login/Deviantart link issue has been resolved! Finally! This means you can now login and link your deviantart account without issue.
  • Character drops have been removed due to their buggy nature. They may be re-added sometime in the future.

Visual Update:

  • The navigation bar has been re-organized to be more streamlined. All important links regarding your account have now been organised under the “My account” menu.
  • Gallery and FAQ have been moved to the “Browse” menu.
  • All onsite shops have been moved to the Shop Bazaar link under the “Shops” menu. The merch and cash shops have been renamed to make them more clear.

Site Upgrades:

  • Character Titles: Characters can now have titles. This can only be added by an admin and is mainly gonna be used for NPC titles, however, other titles may be available to players at a later time.
  • Adoption Centre: Currently disabled from use as no character values have been determined, it allows users to trade in their unwanted adoptable designs for group currency. It also allows users to purchase adoptable designs that are surrendered for group currency.
  • World Expanded: Will eventually replace (or be renamed as) the Lore Directory. This feature will allow users and characters to select locations and factions (To be re-named guilds). This feature is currently disabled until guild and location information is created.

Future Plans:

  • April Prompt: Easter Festival Fever is back once again! There will be no additional event prompts this month or activities this Easter.
  • Full implementation of stats and levels, research trees and new items is planned for April. 

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! Please look forward to an Easter themed adoptable sale this Sunday!



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