April Update

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on all the recent updates and additions I’ve been working on for the site.

Bugs and Errors:

Currently there are no known errors! Yay! It’s been a long process but for now, the site appears to be 100%. If you do run into any mysterious issues, please don’t hesitate to post in the discord site errors channel or make a report on site! It’s very important for me that your experience on the site is simple and bug free!

New additions:

Stats and Levels:

Stats and Levels is officially working! You can earn user and character based EXP. There are currently 10 levels available for players and 10 levels for characters.

Character levels: Per level you will be awarded the following items:

1 x Stat Point and 5 x Beans.

This means in total going from level 1->10 will award 9 stat points and 45 beans. You will need 10 EXP per level. You can earn character EXP from the following sources: Questing entries, Monthly prompts and Event Prompts.

User levels: User levels are slightly different from Character levels. They have the following rewards:

Level 2: 1 x Stat Point

Level 3: 1 x Basic Familiar

Level 4: 1 x Stat Point

Level 5: 1 x Uncommon Mutation Potion

Level 6: 1 x Stat Point

Level 7: 1 x Rare Mutation Potion

Level 8: 1 x Stat Point

Level 9: 1 x Legendary Mutation Potion

Level 10: 1x Stat Point and 1 x Max level Achievement.

You will need  10 EXP per level. You can earn User EXP from the following sources: Monthly Prompts and Event Prompts.

You can apply earned stat points to characters via the Level Area.

Stats and Levels implements an alternative way to increase your characters stats and guarantees an EXP reward for questing. You can earn a total of 5 EXP per month via questing, which is applied directly to the focus character. Users can earn a minimum of 1 EXP per month, with some months awarding more with greater entry numbers and event prompts. 

World Expanded:

The world of Prism Vale is expanding! Over the next few months it will be my priority to add and update the world of Prism Vale’s information. This includes the following:

  • Adding all notable locations and information.
  • Add unique notable flora and fauna.
  • Add notable Events and lore.
  • Add notable NPCs and their lore.
  • Add Guilds and expand on their lore and information. (Currently named factions).

It is a monumental task as Prism Vale is rather vast and has a lot of locations and NPCs. And of course the guides wouldn’t be complete without accompanying art, which will be quite intense on its own.


Research is still currently a WIP as there are certain features that need to be ironed out, however, you can start earning Research Scrolls now!

New Items:
  • Research Scrolls (Currency): Acquired from Questing and it is a part of the common drop table, which means they can drop from boxes that award items from the common table. This currency is used to unlock research perks once they are released.
  • Golden Key (Item): Acquired from the Specialty Shop for 20 Beans or Questing and it is a part of the legendary drop table, which means they can drop from boxes that award items from the legendary table. This item is required to access the Captain's Coffer shop.
  • #015 - Max Level (Achievement Item): Acquired by reaching User level 10. A cosmetic item for your profile. It is automatically acquired upon claiming user level 10.
New Shop:
  • Captain’s Coffer: A Prowler Privateer run shop which sells a single special item. Requires a Golden Key to view.

That should basically be everything. I would also like to remind everyone that after May I’ll officially be on my break to work on site information! Though I’ve semi-started early. My break simply means that I will not be making any adoptables for 2 months. However, I will still make patreon designs and I have organized guest artists Ceruleans_blues and Dragonprr to make designs in my design absence!

Thank you everyone!

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