November Update

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on all the recent updates and additions.


No known issues, but if you do find something please let me know either through a report on site or in the site-errors-and-bugs section on the discord.



Stats maximum cap has been increased from 10 to 20. 

Stats can be increased up to level 20. You can do so by a mixture of EXP level rewards, gear, gear augments and stat potions.

Character and User levels can be increased with EXP granted from prompts and questing. Make sure to select the character you want to gain EXP as the focus character.

Adjusted the questing reward rolls from 6 to 5 rolls per quest. Allow for maximum rolls per quest to become 10. Unlock additional rolls for stat (Mind or Body, not stacking) increases at levels 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20.


Research is now available.  You can find all research here:

Research grants a user or characters special perks, such as character skills that award extra beans for prompts and questing or recipes that give reduced costs. 

To purchase research you must use Research Scrolls. You can get Research Scrolls from Questing. They are in the common loot table. 

Research contains the following rewards:

  • Character skills: Perks for individual characters.
  • Trait Enhancements: Cosmetic trait and mutation enhancements for mastery of research trees.
  • Discounted Recipes: Obtain discounted recipes for regular items.
  • Special Recipes: Obtain recipes for items that cannot regularly be crafted.
  • Items: Obtain items for Research Scrolls.
Character Skills:

Give your characters skills via research. You can craft skill tokens for all your characters once you have unlocked the recipe and have the required Research Scrolls. Skills can be added to characters via the skill prompts.

  • Research Scrolls (Currency): Acquired from Questing and it is a part of the common drop table, which means they can drop from boxes that award items from the common table. This currency is used to unlock research perks.
  • Spirit Stone (Crafting Material): Used to craft basic equipment and augments.
  • Resonating Spirit Stone (Crafting Material): Used to craft greater augments.
  • Token Recipes: Misc New recipes for all skill tokens.
  • Character skills: acquired from skill token recipes and awarded by skill prompts.
  • Gear Augments: Acquired via research recipes. Increases stats by 1. See Augments for details.
  • Paypal integration: You will be able to purchase items and MYOs directly on site. More information will be available upon release.
  • Patreon Integration: Automatic rewards for patreon subscribers. More information will be available upon release.
  • Card Frame Extension: Will allow users to change their character’s masterlist frame at will as long as you own the frame. This extension will include new masterlist frames!

Thank you everyone!



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