Cash Shop Reopening!

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Hey guys, just letting everyone know that the cash shop has re-opened! So if you'd like to buy a MYO, please do so through the cash shop.

Merchandise is still a WIP,  but is still being planned for the cash shop in the next month or two. I currently have badges made, but I'd also like to offer other items as well to help justify the shipping costs, which unfortunately are quite high at the moment due to Corona. 

Shipping is going to be around $15, even if the package is regular envelope size and less than 100g, which was quite a shock to me since I don't really send stuff so I wasn't aware the price was so crazy. As a consumer, I personally wouldn't be interested in buying one or two badges and paying that much for shipping, which is why I'd like to have as much variety in the shop as possible. Things I'm working on/thinking about making include: Stickers, bookmarks (with cute little tassels),  6x4 prints (either my good art and/or character prints), magnets (so, mangnet versions of the badges kind of thing) and enamel pins (this one I'm in the process of ordering, it will be of Elena and I'll post the samples when I receive them <3)

I'd also like to thank everyone for being so understanding and supportive during the whole crash situation! I'm about 98% sure everything is back to normal now or close to it.

Thanks everyone!



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