Paypal and Patreon Integration is live!

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on all the recent updates and additions.


No known issues, but if you do find something please let me know either through a report on site or in the site-errors-and-bugs section on the discord.


Paypal Integration (Cash Shop):

Paypal has now been integrated directly into the site, meaning you can now make purchases through the site instead of through 3rd party shops. 

The Cash Shop is now open and stocked. Purchasing through the cash shop will direct you to paypal for payments and items purchased will be automatically credited to your account upon successful purchase.

You can find the link for the cashop under the "Shops" drop down menu in the navigation bar.

Patreon Integration:

Patreon is now integrated into the site, meaning you can now claim your patreon exclusive Gold directly on site from the 1st of every month. Simply link your patreon and you will be able to claim your monthly Gold if you are a Patron of Toffee-Tama.

The extension does not currently reward lifetime rewards, so those will continue to be manually awarded upon reaching milestones.

You can access the patreon page through the link under your Username drop down menu on the right side of the navigation bar or on the side bar located on your "Profile".

  • Card Frame Extension: Will allow users to change their character’s masterlist frame at will as long as you own the frame. This extension will include new masterlist frames!

Thank you everyone!



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