Character Frames Update

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on all the recent updates and additions.


No known issues, but if you do find something please let me know either through a report on site or in the site-errors-and-bugs section on the discord.


Character Frames:

The Character Frames extension is now live! This allows users to apply frames to characters and the ability to change those frames at will via the characters page.

Almost all character images have been converted, this means that all character images have been re-uploaded as their original png file. Owners can view the full png file, other users will only be able to see the framed version. 

All characters now share the same frame style (Originally Flowerling frame) and going forward, new frames will not be species locked. 

You can unlock your currently owned frames via your inventory, if you own a frame it will be in your cosmetic item section.

How to unlock a frame:

1. Select the desired frame via your inventory.

2. Check the source.

3. Select "unlock frame"

4. Search your character ID number or name.

5. Click unlock frame and the frame will be applied!

The frames section found at the top of a character page shows any frames unlocked and allows users to change to any frames a character owns. 

Please note that once a frame is unlocked it cannot be removed and any applied frames will stay with a character when traded. Please be sure of the character when unlocking frames. 

  • Basic Flora Frame: Default Frame, owned by all characters.
  • Valentines Frame: Valentines Frame item has been updated to award usable Valentines Frame.
  • Halloween Frame: Halloween Frame item has been updated to award usable Halloween Frame.
  • New Frames:
    • Winter Wonderland Frame: A special Winter Wonderland themed frame that will be available during December only. 
    • Island theme frames: All seven islands will be getting their own unique frames.
    • Guild theme frames: All seven Guilds will be getting their own unique frames. These frames will be awarded to guild members only.

Thank you everyone!



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