White Beanling Exchange OPEN

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White Beanling Exchange

Come one, come all, to the White Beanling Exchange!


This year Beanling Patch will be running a White Elephant style exchange for both new and old players. Participants in the Exchange will design a beanling, the designs will then be exchanged between participants randomly on the 25th of December.



Participants have the following restrictions for their entries:

  • One design can be submitted per participant.
  • Beanling designs only (Restricted to Beanling only Traits).
  • Rare or lower Beanling traits only.
  • Designs must be cleanly sketched or lined and must have flat colours. 
  • Finished design submissions must have no background and be in png format.
  • Designs can be any theme and style. Due to the nature of the exchange, written entries are not accepted. 
  • You may commission someone else to make your entry, however, the commissioned artist must be informed of the intended use and that they cannot use the entry to enter for themselves. 
  • All participants will be awarded 1 x Winter Wonderland Frame for participating. 
  • You must be a member of the Beanling Patch site to enter.


Deadline: 23rd December 2021 11:00pm UTC

All entries must be submitted before the deadline. If there is an odd number of entries, one additional design by Toffee-Tama will be added to the pool. 

No late entries will be accepted so please keep an eye on the deadline.


Submission Form:

Entry Link:

Restriction Request: (Please include things you do not want to receive, eg: I do not like Brush Mutation, no green designs, etc) (Please note that while we will take these into consideration, we may not be able to accommodate all restriction requests.)

Do you give permission for the winner to edit the design if desired? (Yes or No)

Is this a commissioned design? (Include artists name if so)

Do you have permission to use this design for this exchange if it is a commission? (just include a screenshot to show the artist is informed).

I, *Your Username*, am entering the White Beanling Exchange and acknowledge that my design will be randomly assigned to another participating player and that I will also receive a random design in exchange.


Please submit your entries here!

(You must be a Beanling Patch member to join!)



Does it have to be a specific theme?

No. You may use any theme or style you feel like as long as it meets the minimum standards.


What if I don’t like the design I receive?

If you do not like the design you receive you may either edit the design if the artist gave permission or you can put your design up for trade. 


I can’t draw, can I still enter?

Yes, you are allowed to commission a design by a different artist so long as they are informed of the intended use and made aware that they cannot use the entry to enter themselves.


I was commissioned for a design, but I’d like to enter for myself, can I still do that?

Yes, if you are commissioned for a design, that design is counted as the commissioners entry, meaning that you can still enter for yourself with a different design.


I'm not a member of the site, can I still join?
No, you must be a member to submit your entry. Registration is free. You can register here: https://beanling-patch.com/register
Does it cost anything to enter?
Nope, this event is completely free!


If you have any other questions please feel free to leave a comment or comment in the discord.


Have fun and Happy Holidays!



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