Puzzling Package Quest

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(Part 1) Present Packing

Everybean in Prism Vale is flitting about in a rush, and who could blame them? The excitement in the air is thick as snowflakes in a blizzard as the Wonderland Ball rapidly approaches! There are dresses to be fitted, ornaments to be hung, and presents to be delivered! It seems that you’ve been caught up in the holiday rush, and asked to deliver several presents to a guest at the Ball. Can you fit them all into your box?


Beanling Present Packing


To solve this puzzle, simply move the packages into the box in a way that none overlap each other or hang over the edge of the box. We will accept answers that are a photo edit of the puzzle, a sketch of the solution, or a picture of a physical representation of the presents in the solution.

(Part 2) Whose Presents are These?

You finally managed to cram all of those presents into your box, and as you close it, the tatters of the to-from tag fall to the ground. Oops!! Looks like you're going to have to piece them back together again before you can figure out where you're going.

This puzzle is a nonogram! If you're familiar with Picross, this is exactly like it. To solve this puzzle, you must fill in certain squares. You can figure out which squares to fill in based off of the numbers on the side. Each number represents how many squares in a row will be filled in. There will always be a blank square in-between each number in a row or column.
Here's a video that explains how to play:
Picross Tutorial
We will accept your answer as a correctly filled in image of this puzzle!

(Part 3) Look out for Snowballs!

Ooohhhhh, so that's who these packages are for! Now that you know you need to get to the Wonderland Ball, you'll have to traverse the yearly snowball fight on the lake. It's easier said than done though, as you don't want the packages to be damaged!

Beanling Look Out

To solve this puzzle, move along the dotted grid without going through the path of any snowballs! The direction of each snowball is indicated with an arrow. We will accept your answer as a visual representation of the correct path, whether drawn on grid paper or on this image!


(Part 4) Deliver to the Middle!

Thank goodness you made it past that snowball fight! Who knew snow could move so fast? After asking around a little bit, it seems that the lucky present recipient is enjoying the festivities in the hedge maze. Looks like it's time to put your memory to the test!

Beanling Deliver

To solve this puzzle, simply make your way to the middle of the maze! We will accept answers that are an edited image of this maze, or the same maze drawn out and solved on paper.

(Part 5) Who Sent Which Present?


As the lucky bean is ripping into the gifts, you both notice that none of them seem to have tags! Oh dear. Fortunately, you remember some things about who's gifts were which. Can you two figure out who sent which gift?

Who Sent What

To solve this logic puzzle, you'll need to figure out the wrapping color, ribbon, and tag type each beanling used. We will accept answers that are an edited image of this maze, or the answers written out in the style of the chart on the bottom right.

Christmas icon set - Small Red Gift

Answers can be submitted all together in the Puzzle Package Quest prompt at the end of the month. You do not have to answer all of the quests to submit the prompt, but please only submit the prompt once you have solved all of the puzzles you plan to.


If you get one or more puzzles correct, you’ll receive a prize of one Christmas frame. The grand prize for correctly solving all five puzzles is a Legendary Beanling MYO!


This news post will be updated again on the 5th with the second puzzle, so stay tuned!

Tiny winter night




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