An Apology to Everyone.

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Hello everyone! I woke up today to see everyone here doesn't like NFTs, and I now realise that making Beanling NFTs was a mistake. Sorry to spring it on you guys so suddenly! In hindsight, it probably would have been best to bring it up to the group beforehand. 

I understand that what I’ve done is done, but I’d like to give a little context to the current situation. I'm going to be 100% honest with you guys, which may not paint me in the best light, but I think it’s necessary and what you deserve. I hope you can read this and understand where I was coming from, and that I take full responsibility.

Why would you do NFTs?

Frankly, money. That's honestly the only reason I started an NFT. Beanling Patch just hasn’t reached the sale range that I have been striving for, so when I saw the NFT trend and saw some of the absolutely horrible designs selling for hundreds, I thought that I could jump on that trend since my art was definitely up to the standard of some of the popular NFTS, if not better than many NFTs! Was this naive? Hell yes. But I was very motivated by the prospect of quitting my job and never working again. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this; I really hate everything about working in corporations!

Do you realise that NFTs and Crypto are bad for the environment?

Yes, I knew this from the start to some extent. I went in knowing it wasn’t great, but assumed that most internet things aren’t great for the environment. I’m definitely more informed on the matter now, however. 

Can you stop doing NFTs?

This is unfortunately a little complicated. I’m already legally committed to Beanlings NFT.  I’ve spent more than $1000+ on the project, and it is permanently on the blockchain with no way to remove it. So I’m not able to take it down. As for future projects related to NFTs? Well, suffice it to say, I am not doing any more. 

What's the plan now?

I’m completely separating the ARPG from the NFTs. They will not be involved with each other in any way other than sharing the species name, which I unfortunately cannot change.

I’m sorry to disappoint you all, and I hope that the fact that I am very money motivated doesn’t change your thoughts of me too much. I’m sorry that these NFTs upset the group, and I really regret this decision. I know you guys are actually legit nice and good people who care about things, and I’m sorry that I hurt the group with my actions. In future, I will try to consult with the group in the form of polls and such before any major decisions that could totally change this community we’re making.

I’m going to take a break, I’m sure you can understand why! Thank you so much for reading. I’m so sorry.

- Toffee-tama



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