Happy New Year!

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Ceru

The old year is gone, and we'd like to wish you all a happy new year! Thank you for making last year a fun, friendly, and bean-filled time! We're hoping this year will be even better, and we're kicking it off with a few returning events, including a free beanling raffle! 
The Sweets or Beans gift prompt is also returning, and is open now, so feel free to spread some gifts and get some in return! 

If you haven't checked in with the Discord in a while, we are also doing a lot of fun events there, including Beango, Who's that Beanling, and dice-rolling live quests! 

We will be posting the new monthly prompt in a few days, and hope to have an adopt or two to celebrate Lunar New Year. 

So let's have a cheer for the old year, and a hurrah for the new! 



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