Azul Starfall Faire Begins!

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The Story up until now:


At this time of year in the peaceful realm of Prism Vale, beanling's and flowerling's dreams have gathered in the skies and formed into falling stars. This year, however, something is truly amiss. A thick miasma has spread over Prism Vale, coating the skies and grounds and preventing the dream magic from forming in to stars. The source of this corruption-laced fog seems to be odd gems reminiscent of Void Fragments. A strange figure has been spotted planting the objects around the Vale.

See the last news post for the comic. 


Princess Twila Addresses Prism Vale in the midst of rising panic.

Twila Worried

Hello Citizens of Prism Vale! As I’m sure you’re aware, there has been a strange phenomena happening in the skies of our islands. Strange stones have been placed that have prevented our dreams from forming stars as they usually do this time of year. For all of you who helped investigate the matter, the Queen and I thank you, but we ask that you please remain cautious when investigating such anomalies.

Twila Happy

Fortunately, our very own Azul Defenders have managed to clear them away! Thanks to their and your own efforts, the skies have cleared and our dreams have gathered to fall once again! So it’s with great pleasure that I can finally announce the start of starfall! To mark this particularly unusual starfall, some of our very own guild leaders have set up stalls at the Azul Starfall Faire with generous and unusual prizes!

Twila Concerned

Please feel free to enjoy the festivities in safety, as our Azul Defenders will be guarding the fairgrounds and keeping an especially close eye on the canyon. With that said, if you see any mysterious figures or ill-intended actions, please report it to any defenders on duty so that they may investigate.


Happy Starfall Everyone!

[MISC] Night Sky Divider (F2U)

Hello, and welcome to the Azul Starfall Faire! Many of our guild and community leaders have put together some fun to mark to the occasion! To participate in the stalls at the fair, you are going to need Starfall Tickets!


While you will be able to buy these with various group and real currencies at Percival's Stall, you can also get several free ones! You can earn them through several means:

  • Have or Create a Beanling-Patch Site account: 1 Ticket
  • Join or already be present in the Beanling-Patch Discord: 1 Ticket
  • Comment on the Deviantart Journal : 1 ticket
  • Promote this journal on your platforms! This includes, but is not limited to DA, FA, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, other Discord servers, Amino groups, etc. Each social media platform gets you: 1 Ticket
  • Having a friend join the even with you as reference. Both of you will get: 3 Tickets
  • Complete June or July's Monthly prompt on the site!: 3 Tickets
Percival's Starfall Ticket Stall

Play Games and Win Prizes!


All of the Starfall stalls can be found in this group folder.


Millie's Plushies and Lost and Found

Millie's Plushie and Lost + Found Stall

Roll Millie's gachas for plushies, familiars, one-off familiar and bean designs, and more!


Seelie's Bubble Blast Stall

Seelie's Bubble Blast Stall

Play a round or two of a bubble browser game and win potions and their components!


Ocean's Mystery Wheel Stall

Ocean's Mystery Wheel Stall

Ocean's brought a special version of the mystery wheel to the fair . . . He may not be the mysterious figure, but he's certainly suspicious.


Aeluin's Basketball Dunk Stall

Aeluin's Basketball Dunk Stall

Have some fun shooting hoops and winning some Event Currency!


Poppy's Face Paint and Apparel Stall

Poppy's Face Paint and Apparel Stall

Get some discounted gear and markings for your beanling or flowerling! There are a few one-off designs available here.


Pumpkin's Sitting Ducks Stall

Pumpkin's Sitting Ducks Stall

Play a classic carnival game and win some fun gear!


Join us on the Discord for more fun!

The Deviantart Event Hub


Beanlings / Flowerlings are a closed species by Toffee-Tama - Please do not make your own without permission!

Group rules and TOS



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