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Hello Everyone! As you can all see the site is currently up and running! Having said that, we are hoping to do some more updates soon, and while we don't predict major downtimes, you can never be certain. Thank you again for your patience while we sort things out behind the scenes and try to improve the overall experience here and on the Discord! 

We are also looking to take on some Event Guest Artists! I will be posting this internally to the group here and on the site first, as I'd really like to fill the spots from within our community.

Check out the form for more detail! 

As most of you are also aware, the entire Beanling-Patch ARPG has also undergone a change of hands. Toffee had previously poster her announcement on here and in the discord, but in transferring the site, we lost her post here, so I have included it below.:

Hey Everyone!


It’s Toffee-tama here. I have a very important announcement to make regarding the future of the group.


As some of you might have noticed, I have been rather absent from the group since March/April and firstly I would like to apologise for that absence. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing burnout in regards to art in general and thus I haven’t been able to give the group the care and attention it needs. It's very hard for me to delegate and get things done and I have been feeling rather guilty about neglecting my responsibilities as the group owner. I have therefore come to the conclusion that it would be best for me to step down from the leader role and pass it on to someone who is better prepared. 


This is not a decision I have made lightly and I have seriously been thinking it over for a few months now. I was reluctant to bite the bullet since I felt the pressure of sunk cost fallacy since I have worked on this group for almost 3 years now. However, I can also recognise my own shortcomings and I know myself well enough to know that it was time to walk away not just for my mental health, but the health of the group. I want Beanlings to thrive, but I feel like we can’t do that with me as the leader.


Going forward, CeruleansBlues (Ceru) will be the new group owner. She is the owner in all regards including the intellectual property of Beanlings, the site and future prospects. She will be taking over all aspects of running the site including the admin account. Please be kind and respectful as she transitions into her new role!


I’d also like to advise that the website will be down for an indeterminate amount of time as it is transferred between owners. Nothing will be changing about the website in terms of functionality, it will simply be undergoing an ownership transfer. Monthly prompts, crafting, questing and all other activities will continue as usual. Please feel free to continue playing the Starfall Event and working on your prompts!


In regards to my patreon, I will be closing my patreon at the end of the month since I have been neglecting it.

Please consider transferring your memberships to to continue receiving beanling-patch patreon benefits and supporting the site costs!


I will not be leaving the group or anything as I still have my personal account to engage as a regular player. There is also the tentative possibility of me participating as a guest artist in the future.


I want to thank each and every one of you guys for supporting me during this time and I want you to know that it truly means a lot to me!


Thank you everyone!


Best regards, Toffee-tama



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