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Hey guys, sorry for the influx of news posts, but as you can tell, we've got a lot going on here right now! This post is to consolidate everything that's going on right now with the story, events, site, and staff!

The current story so far.



1. The new monthly prompt, "Miasma Research" Is up and will run til September 7th, The monthly prompt for July, "Starfall Faire" will run until August 7th! 

2. The Starfall Faire itself will end on August 15th, so be sure you spend all your tickets! 

3. The two Free raffle beans will also be drawn on August 15th!

4. The Create to Adopt raffle will be drawn on September 8th!


Site and Discord Changes and Updates:

1. Changes have been made to the TOS to reflect the change in ownership. By continuing use of the site, you are agreeing to those terms of service!

2.  The site time has been changed to EST or UTC-5! This is now the timezone in which events will end, so please be aware of the change. If you accidentally miss a deadline by a few hours, please message Ceru. 

3. The on-site Patreon and discord Patreon rewards should now be synced to my account! Please remember to refresh your status. 

4. Several changes have been made on the back end that do not affect players. 

5. I will be messing around with several features that I did not have access to prior to try and learn more about them. This shouldn't cause any issues, but please be aware that you may see some odd things pop up and disappear. Theyr'e not indicative of anything besides me learning. X'D 

6. A new bot, Tupeprbox, has been added to the discord! This bot allows users to chat as characcters. We intend to use this feature for bean adventures and other discord games. 

7. Several channels have been added and shuffled around in the discord in anticipation of future events and in the spirit of consolidation. 
Added channels: Bot interaction, separate questions and suggestions, bean lore talk, pet and plant pics, and beanling boat! There may be more changes in the near future. 


To try and accomadate our more ambitious plans for the group, we have added some extra staff from within the group! Please give them a warm welcome in their new roles!

Sugarnova/Spottednova - Moderator (our amazing organizer and artist)

Dia/Poada - Discord Game Moderator (our Beanling Adventure Master)

xNocturnalKitenx/ Noct - Discord Game Moderator (our beanling boat captain and beango caller!)

Revpup/Rev - Discord Game Moderator (could strike at any moment)

You are already familiar with our two Guest Artists Dragonprr and xxbunnyloverxxx/Bun, but we have recruited some back ups to help them out! 

Alear/ Sincere-Alear - Event Guest Artist (be on the look-out for some spooky good designs!)

Voidarling/astriferous - Event Guest Artist (bringing you hits like Wither since 2019)

We hope you guys are excited for all of the group happenings! Thank you all for being so kind and patient in this transitional period!



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