Story and September Events!

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The Story so far

Many of the strange stones that were gathered have cracked open and seem to have released the dew magic they had been sucking up! The lake on Versi is flooding, Soleil is covered in dew, and islands all over the vale are overflowing! It seems that this excess dew is making everything grow at an uncontrollable rate! Local plantlife has been affected, with some of it growing sentient and malicious! It also seems to be affecting some beans, causing them to grow flowers, leaves, and vines all over their bodies, dragging them down. 
However, it also seems to be having other affects on beanlings! The flood of dew is causing beans to be born with some unusual dew.

Any bean made this month is allowed to use these traits for free, and you can add three to your existing beanlings! Beanlings who are created this month will also receive a special status that will give them access to interesting abilities and potentially traits later.  Traits must be applied by September 30, 2022.

Unrelated to the story, with the help of our game mod Revpup, we have gone through the masterlist and found the most used legendary traits and have made them rare traits! We are currently working through to replace these legendary traits with the rare version, and are leaving a free placeholder legendary trait in it's place that you may use to apply a new legendary trait to your beanling. Here is the list of new rare traits:
Wing traits:
No Wings
Elemental Wings
Body Traits:
Gem Growths
Elongated Body
Floral growths
Tail Traits:
Animal Tail
Decorated Wish

In yet more unrelated news, I (Ceru) am going to be away from my pc more than usual due to irl circumstances, and will be slower to respond! Please feel free to at me in the discord or leave a claim here on site if you need my hlep with anything! I am always more than happy to chat and answer questions. 



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