Halloween Happenings

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Halloween is coming, and it looks like it's brought a lot activities and events with it! This hub is where you'll find links and information for everything that's going on!


Blightlings have arrived!

What Is A Blightling


The new sister-species of the Beanlings, these fey creatures are finally out in the open and up to something. If you'd like to take your guesses as to what they could be after, or you'd like to catch up on what's been happening in Prism Vale that's led up to this, you can ready through the story so far here!


To celebrate their official arrival, we've put together and advent of adopts and events!

Halloween Calendar


Free Events


Secret-Santa Style Beanling Exchange Oct 15-21 Thanks to the generosity of our long-time member Yukki/Ravenmaster45" href="https://www.deviantart.com/ravenmaster45">Ravenmaster45, we will be holding a free beanling exchange! Users will design rare beanlings for one another without knowing who is designing for them! Please be kind and courteous to Yukki and make sure to look at the dates before entering the exchange. Bean Exchange sign-up form.




Make-Your-Own Blightling! Oct 15-Nov 15


Lets welcome the Blightlings into the Beanling Patch by making one of your own!

MYO Post




Create to Adopt!


Makes something and get a chance to adopt a cute little costumed bean!

CTA Post




Blightling Trait Competition


When you look at the Blightling mutation sheet, do you see something missing? If you do, your mutation could become an official one! Once this prompt closes, all summited mutations will go up for a community vote. The winner's mutation will be made a rare mutation, and will receive a rare Blightling MYO!



2 beans for participation

Third place: Rare mutation potion

Second place: Rare and Legendary mutation potion

First Place: Rare and legendary mutation potion, rare Blighling MYO.


To enter, submit the prompt on the Beanling Patch website!

(to find, go to Activities-> Prompts)




Monthly Prompt: Harrowing Halloween


It seems like one bad thing has followed another in Prism Vale over the past few months, and it doesn't seem to be letting up during this season of spooks and frights. Now that the identity of the mysterious figure has been revealed, Queen Valerie has given Sir Serillion orders to assemble the defenders at the Giant Canyon and confront this 'King of the Blightlings' once and for all. Is your Beanling joining the forces at the canyon or supporting them from the sidelines? Are they staying back on the other islands taking care of little ones and trying to preserve the more fun spirit of the season? Is your Blightling being born into the middle of this mess?


This Month's prompt will reward Mysterious Stones as well as the usual rewards. To enter, submit the prompt on the Beanling Patch website!

(to find, go to Activities-> Prompts)


Mysterious Stones


No one seems to know what these mysterious stones are made of yet- thus the name 'mysterious'. What Landry and his fellow scientists have been able to determine is that the stones love to absorb dew. It seems that if a Beanling holds one for too long they start to change . . .


Converting Beanlings


Beanlings will soon be able to convert in to Blightlings via exposure to Mysterious Stones. This change is permanent, so be careful if you choose to convert your Beanling. You are welcome to say that your converted Beanling was always a Blightling for their lore if you desire, but their masterlist number unfortunately must remain as it is.


Creating Blightlings


Blightlings can now be created by attaching a mysterious stone to your Beanling and Flowerling MYOs! The level of mutation and stage of growth will still apply. So, if you are using an Uncommon Beanling MYO with a Mysterious Stone, you may create an Uncommon Blightling. Universal Traits and Mutations


Beanlings and Blightlings have a few traits and mutations that you may use in both species. All others are currently exclusive. Here is the list of common traits and mutations:


Wing traits:

No wings

Elemental wings



Body Mutations:








Gem growths

Elongated bod

Floral growths

Halo (only grown forms)

Whiskers (only grown forms)

Skirt (only grown forms)

Veil (only grown forms)

Tail Mutations:

Animal tail

Decorated tail

Colored tail

Two-tone writing




Bud (only grown forms)

Pollen and Multi-Pollen (only grown forms) All Flowerling Flower types (only grown forms)

A Note to the Community from Ceru


Hi yall! I'd like to start this out by saying that these last six months have been a real rollercoaster. I went from planning Starfall to planning a sister species to suddenly having the group handed over to me. I think it's safe to say that none of us saw the transfer of the group coming- not even me!

That said, I want to thank you guys for hanging with the group as we transitioned everything over! There was a lot going on behind the scenes with the website and discord, and I'm sure you guys felt the delays and changes as we got everything sorted out! You all have been very patient and supportive, and I cannot overstate how thankful I am for that!

I'd also like to give a huge thank you to our expanded 'staff' that have been working their butts off behind the scenes! My SO, Tenne, has been the one to get the website transferred and has been chipping away behind the scenes at getting features that haven't worked since installation in proper order.

My main mod, Spottednova (Sugar) has been absolutely invaluable in their own right! You can thank them for everything coming out in a timely manner, for a lot of the corrections in information across the site, for the coloring of assets and comics, and for keeping me sane. I'd also like to thank all of our guest artists and discord game mods for stepping up and helping to make the group a more colorful and active place!

Finally, I'd like to thank you all for continuing to make our little community an open and welcoming safe space. Over the past four years, I've gotten to know some of you all very well, and others in passing, and I haven't regretted a moment of it. As we launch this subspecies, and as I look at the year of plans we have coming, I can't help but hope that you all enjoy it to the fullest. It's maybe a bit sappy to say, but Beans have brought us all together, and I hope we can continue to have fun with them as a community! To anyone who made it this far and is new to the group, I hope you'll join us and enjoy what we've all made! Thank you all so very much-

Ceru Blues



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