June Updates- Sprouting, Traits, and More!

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Hey all! Hope you're all having a great day!

We know things are a bit slow going around here, but we're getting moving along again this June! Got a few announcements regarding things around here today! 

First off, [Delayed] Sprouting is coming up! With that in mind, I'm opening up Guest Artist applications for Sprouting! 

If you're interested in signing up, you can get more info and sign up HERE! Guest artist sign-ups will be open until June 15th!

The event will be a little different this year in how it's handled. Sprouting sign-ups will be opening June 16th, and be open until June 30th. Guest artists will be helping this time around, and batches will begin being posted July 1st and will continue to be posted throughout the month on assigned dates that will be determined once we know how much we're working with! Full info will be available when pairing sign-ups happen. 

Secondly, if you've looked around the site recently, you might have noticed some changes in the way traits are labeled! This has been done to help tidy up the way that traits have been classified now that we have the Blightlings and Witherlings around as well! 

Many classifications of Traits have been changed: 

  • "Dew Type" traits and "Corruption Type" traits have been combined and reclassified as "Essence Type"
  • Likewise, "Mutations-Dew" and "Mutations-Corruption" have been combined and reclassified as "Mutations- Essence"
  • "Tail" traits referring to a Beanling's wish tags or a Blightling's curse tags have been reclassified as "Tag" traits. This includes "Mutations- Tail" becoming "Mutations- Tag" and "Tail Length" becoming "Tag Length".
  • "Flower Type" has been reclassified to "Bloom Type"
  • "Mutations- Flower" has been reclassified to "Mutations- Bloom"

A few traits were added or changed: 

  • "Opaque" Common Essence trait added; This is the default trait for a Blightling's Corruption, opposite the Clear Dew trait. This trait means that the blightling's corruption isn't transparent!
  • "Cracked Core" Rare Core Mutation trait added; this is for Blightlings or Witherlings who show visible damage to their core window, making it look as though it's been cracked!
  • "Dessicated" Common Bloom trait has been changed to be a Bloom Mutation instead. This will mean that you can have any type of Bloom on your Witherlings, but withering away on them in whatever style seems best!
  • "Animal Tail" Rare Tag Mutation has been reclassified as a Body Mutation trait instead. 

In the coming weeks we'll be working on updating the trait info on site, including example images and updated descriptions as well. 

Finally, I'll be posting updates periodically of on-site changes (such as those listed above). So that we're not pinging everyone every time for various announcements, there are now three new roles that you can request on the mod-ticket channel of the Discord server! These are:

  • Adopts (Wish to be pinged when a new design is posted for auction/sale/raffle/etc)
  • Site Updates (Wish to be pinged when there are updates to the Beanling-Patch website)
  • News (Wish to be pinged for event announcements, or any general updates for the species that are posted here.) 

Feel free to request as many- or all!- of these roles. Of course, if there are any vital announcements for the group or the server, we'll still ping everyone. But for the general happenings, we hope this will mean less @everyone's in the future. If you haven't joined the server yet, you can join us HERE!

That's all for now! As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments! 



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