Earth Specialist (Mind)

Prerequisite: Earth Enhancer

Required by: Earth Archon

Child of: Earth Enhancer

Children: Earth Archon

You specialise in earth magic and have learnt how to cast powerful earth spells for every occassion.

By unlocking this research you gain the following:

  • 1 x Earth Specialist Token (1 time only)
  • 1 x Earth Specialist Token Recipe

Receive one Earth Specialist Token that can be used to apply the Earth Specialist skill to one beanling via the Earth Specialist Skill Prompt. Remember to add the character you want the skill applied to as the focus character and add your token to the prompt add-on section. This skill can only be applied to beanlings who have the Earth Enhancer Skill.

Receive one Earth Specialist Token Recipe (Permanent). Use this recipe to craft additional Earth Specialist Tokens for other characters. This skill can only be applied to beanlings who have the Earth Enhancer Skill.

Earth Specialist Skill: The Earth Specialist Skill allows the character to gain 1 bonus bean each quest or prompt when depicted using any of the following earth spells:

  • Create Nature: You call forth either a small plant, fruit, rock or handful of soil.  Plants and fruits created are edible. Size cannot be larger than half the beanlings body length.
  • Vine Whip: You cast a short vine which can be used as a whip or rope. It is sturdy and can be used for climbing or binding. 
  • Overgrowth: You create a patch of earth that becomes dense with overgrowth. This can be used to bind large creatures, block paths, create small safe spaces or repair natural damage.
  • Control Earth: You can manipulate the very ground beneath you. You can erupt the earth, creating large holes, or make small hills. You can use this spell on the same location to create deeper holes and higher hills. You can also sculpt the earth to mimic creatures and objects.
  • Earth Shield: A small sigil in the shape of a leaf floats around you, it protects your character and anything they are carrying from decay damage. You cannot be poisoned by food or items while protected with an Earth Shield. This does not protect you from poison area effects such as gases.
  • Other: Alternatively, include a writen description of a different earth themed spell in the comment section when submitting a quest. Minimum 50 words.

This bonus stacks with the bonus for Earth Enhancer.

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